Twic Mayardit Intellectual Forum is a sectional political organization, not NGO

Deng Akok Muoradid. Photo: File

By Deng Akok Muoradid

February 26, 2019 (SSNA) — Twic Mayardit Intellectual Forum commonly abbreviated as TMIF is a sectional political organization established under the pretext of a non-governmental organization by a group of disgruntled, demoralized and disoriented youth from Twic Mayardit. The hopeless group of youth created the so-called TMIF last year after their leader Aguek John Abuoch was democratically defeated in a free and transparent election. After losing the elections of Twic Mayardit Youth Association for Development (TMYAD), Aguek John Abuoch and his loyalists had no option but to create for themselves a forum which they wrongly called an NGO, as an alternative method of downsizing and side-lining the recognised association (TMYAD). Another logic behind the establishment of Twic Mayardit Intellectual Forum by Aguek John Abuoch and his supporters was to gain the leadership titles like the title of chairman, youth leader, secretary, director etc. which they were all expecting to gain after the elections without taking into account that victory is certain.

To make the matter worse, Aguek John Abuoch and his followers registered their organisation as a National Non-Governmental Organization instead of a youth association. This was intended to cause total confusion among the youth of Twic Mayardit like what has happened now.

Let me elaborate on the facts that Twic Mayardit Intellectual Forum has nothing to do with the Non-Governmental Organization, but it is a clear sectional political organisation. To prove this right, the name of the organisation and the English words which are coined to make up TMIF are not reflecting the status and nature of a real NGO. In addition to that, the leadership hierarchy of Twic Mayardit Intellectual Forum doesn’t reflect the structure of a Non-Governmental Organisation, but it is a pure structure of a political organisation. In NGO, the highest-ranking official is the executive director or the country director, followed by the senior managers of various departments. However, the leadership hierarchy of TMIF is totally contradicting with the above structures. Twic Mayardit Intellectual Forum is being led by Aguek John Abuoch who sometimes calls himself a youth leader or a chairman. Under him are the secretaries of various departments like secretary general, secretary for finance etc. Therefore, the above structure indicates that TMIF is a political organization because there is nothing like a youth leader, chairman and secretary for finance in a non-governmental organization. Coming to its name, Twic Mayardit is a name of Dinka subsection in Bhar El Ghazal region.

Remember, Twic Mayardit Intellectual Forum was mistakenly registered as a National Nongovernmental Organization by SSRC and its objectives are ranging from the provision of humanitarian needs to the entire needy, construction of schools and health centers across the country. There is a great contradiction between the name and the targeted objectives. The group of people whom TMIF is targeting is the entire suffering South Sudanese regardless of their tribes. But the name of this organization doesn’t include all the suffering people of South Sudan and this proves that it is a sectional organization that has attached itself in the political and youth affairs of Twic Mayardit Section.

The leadership of Twic Mayardit Intellectual Forum has reached the level of participating in the national politics of South Sudan. Two weeks ago, the self-proclaimed director Aguek John Abuoch called for the peaceful coexistence among the Communities of South Sudan which is a political issue. How can a man who is leading a non-political organization call for the peaceful coexistence among the communities? This is the evidence which shows that TMIF is a political organization.

In conclusion, I am appealing to all the international non-governmental organizations not to fund this tribal Twic Mayardit Intellectual Forum.

The author is a Senior South Sudanese Human Right Activist. He can be reached via Email: [email protected].

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