South Sudan self-proclaim tycoon charged in Uganda

Lawrence Lual Malong Jr. Photo: File

Kampala/Juba, April 6, 2019 (SSNA) — South Sudanese tycoon Larence Lual Malong Yor Jr who has been bragging about his wealth for years has been officially charged by Ugandan prosecutors, a video leaked to the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) shows.

Lawrence Lual appeared in a Ugandan court alongside his co-conspirators, a Ugandan and Congolese. The three men have been accused of defrauding people and an attempt to scam even more people including South Africans of more than $1.9 million dollars. Prosecutors told the court that the men have already defrauded people and that the current case against them is just a part of a larger investigation.

Lawrence, who had posted several videos on Facebook showing himself lying on a bed full of money, always claim that he is rich and that his God, Jesus, blessed him.

It is widely known in South Sudan that Lawrence managed to defraud so many foreigners when his step-Father Paul Malong Awan was army chief. His court appearance at a Ugandan court can be accessed in this video.

Lawrence was first arrested in November last year by the Uganda External Security Organisation (ESO). The ESO accused him of scamming foreigners. Soon after he was released last year, Lawrence claimed that he was detained for no reason and that the United States-based Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) asked the Ugandan government to free him.

Many South Sudanese accused the step-son of the former army chief of being an arrogant thief who consistently lied about the source of his wealth.

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  • The thief who claimed to have gotten his wealth from Jesus is in prison? Lol can’t be true that Jesus can turn against his own, there must be something wrong with the Uganda security! But Malong Jr. still can call on my Jesus to forgive and save him rather than give him money.

    • Lual Malong was famous for his illicitly acquired wealth and he is now famous for theft He will soon be famous for being the fastest and poorest taikuun.May God the Almighty give him protection instead of frauded dollars

  • Haha evil money can’t last

  • Filberto Mayuot Mareng
    April 8, 2019 10:04 am

    Yes, we expected the wealth he alleged was given by Jesus must have been illegally acquired.

  • Why is the Ugandan government charged the young s.sudanese without evidents? is it bcos he is rich & claimed that he got it in Jesus?

  • Uganda government is not serious at all, they should leave young tycoon alone in peace than accusing him of nonsense against him.

  • Let him know that there’s justice in Uganda unlike here in South Sudan where a criminal is left bse he or she is son /daughter of so and so

  • Delta Daniel
    August 3, 2019 1:26 pm

    Uganda Government Must free this innocence young tycoon of South Sudan from any arrest of him, he is free from his home country and whole world know , steep away now.
    There is no any criminal evedent that can charge him in the rule of law otherwise GOSS will interfere in this case.


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