US movie star promotes anti-hunger campaign in South Sudan

“In this photo taken Tuesday, April 2, 2019, human rights activist Mia Farrow plays with a baby lying on his mother’s lap while speaking to a group of women during a visit to an internally displaced person’s camp in the capital Jub.” Photo: Kearney Hub

Juba, April 15, 2019 (SSNA) — American movie star Mia Farrow has recently been in South Sudan working to promote anti-hunger drive and witnessed a South Sudanese child dying in her mother arms because of hunger, the Associated Press reported.

Farrow revealed that she witnessed the mother of the dying child crying and that she had to walk away, presumably to avoid emotion.

“It was a little girl staring at her mother and finally she just stopped breathing. I just moved away and listened to the mother’s cry,” Farrow said, adding, “I don’t know many people who could endure what they’re enduring.”

The United Nations says1.5 million South Sudanese are starving and more than 7 million people risk extreme hunger.

South Sudan’s rival leaders recently attended a “spiritual retreat” at the Vatican to promote peace. Pope Francis told the leaders of the war-ravaged young nation that he wanted them to stop hostilities, promote peace. His Holiness also said, “God is watching.”

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  • We the south sudanese leaders should think to care of the future of our nation which is the children God gave us to care for. Apart from our political afiliaton and interest.


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