EU promotes agricultural programs in South Sudan

EU an South Sudan government representatives in Juba during a two-day submit. Photo:

Juba, June 24, 2019 (SSNA) — The European Union (EU) says it will keep supporting South Sudan’s agriculture sector, saying 100,000 South Sudanese farmers benefit from the program.

The EU also says it has spent nearly $300,000,000 million dollars on agricultural projects in South Sudan.

“The EU has been a development partner in South Sudan’s agricultural sector, with support provided to about 100,000 farmers through a development portfolio of more than 260 million euro. We are committed to our mandate to help the South Sudanese people through development support and we will continue to work closely with all our partners for the theme of this conference: less vulnerability and more productivity,” European Union ambassador to South Sudan, Dr. Sinead Walsh, said.

EU adds that it has conducted a two-day summit with representatives of South Sudan’s government and that the conference went well.

Most of South Sudan land is fertile, but the young nation has not developed its agriculture sector since its independence from Sudan. South Sudan’s government depends heavily on oil revenues.


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  • Lol Laila Lole
    June 25, 2019 1:12 am

    Hi may I know this millions of dollars which has been spent for agriculture in South Sudan it is clear where are the big planation currently being plated .
    So far best of my knowledge in South Sudan we have areas with good agricultural are as follows 1/ Yei River State 2/ Yambio)3/ Eastern Equatoria Magwi county .
    Could explain farther where are these produce being consume and which are currently benefiting on this funds.

  • Ruai Makender
    June 25, 2019 7:01 am

    That will help improve our economy..Our Country depends so much on Oil revenue ..Thanks to EU for their support South Sudan is the only Country in the World where half of the population have one meal per day…

  • $300M my ass , on what ? White people sometimes you gotta say something believable Mann 🤔🙄


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