Renown South Sudanese polical analyst blasts fired petroleum minister

Dr. James Okuk. Photo: SSNA/File

Juba, July 2, 2019 (SSNA) — Dr. James Okuk, a well-known South Sudamese political analyst blasts the former petroleum minister Ezekiel Lol Gattkuoth for having landed himself into intolerable corruption in oil sector. Amb. Ezekiel was fired from the ministerial post last month by President Salva Kiir who commissioned an urgent investigation committee to look into the scandals of crude oil pre-sale as well as other murky concessions and contracts, among other concerns.

In an exclusive interview with SSNA on Tuesday, Professor Okuk believes that the former petroleum minister lost his wrongly perceived connectedness to the helm of power in Juba. The fired minister had thought all along that he was untouchable in his lucrative portfolio because of being a shameless sycophant to to the unpredictable President Kiir.

“Amb. Ezekiel thought he was a cash-cow in Kiir’s government. He didn’t grasp it that he could become a sacrificial lamb one day and a victim of the kleptocratic system he served with utmost loyalty, ” Dr. Okuk said.

“But Mr. Ezekiel was living in illusion of being untouchable in the system, a biggest mistake he will regret for the rest of his life if he missed the jail” Okuk emphasized.

Known for his frank and courageous public commentary, Dr. James Okuk was once targeted and arrested in 2011 by the regime in Juba. However, he refused to leave the country and opted to serve his people academically through the University of Juba and as an independent consultant where he wrote a seminal book titled ” Peace of South Sudan and Revitalization”, which will be launched soon this year.

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  • Mr. President people have been waiting for too long for you to take such a bold action to remove people from their positions which some of thought
    is God given.
    The next think you should find away to repatriate all the stolen monies . It is possible it can be done. If Nigeria can do it south sudan can too. Start with all the banks in kenya ,uganda , Usa, Canada and Australia. They have to vomit their loot to bring corruption to an end. It can done.


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