“Number of states must benefit Dinka,” JCE told Kiir

Members of the JCE. Photo: File/Equatoriaunion1870 Blog.

Juba, October 8, 2019 (SSNA) — The controversial Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) told President Salva Kiir that he must keep the 32 states or reduce them to a number that will only benefit the Dinka, an assistant to one of the elders who requested that his name be hidden for fear of reprisal told the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) today in Juba.

The aide who prefers to be called “Mr. S. Paul,” first contacted the SSNA through a third party. He told the third part he wants to talk to a media agency and that he has urgent information that needs to be exposed. The third part then contacted the SSNA on Monday evening which led to today’s interview.

During the interview, “Mr. S. Paul” first appeared nervous. We promised him that we are an independent news organization and that his identity is safe. He agreed.

“Mr. S. Paul” who voluntarily said he from Bor Dinka started the interview by saying that “We South Sudanese have a problem, a secret meeting was held on [last] Saturday].”

Below is the transcript of the interview:

SSNA: “What is the problem?”

“Mr. S. Paul”: JCE and Salva Kiir had a meeting last Saturday. First of all, I am one of the aides to one of these people [JCE]. JCE called a meeting with Kiir and demanded that he keeps the current states, or he can reduce the number of states that can only benefit Dinka.”

SSNA: “Will Kiir agree with their demand?”

“Mr. S. Paul”: “Yes, he will one way or another. There is no way around it. Kiir follows whatever this group says.”

SSNA: “What if the president refuses to accept their demand?”

“Mr. S. Paul”: “I don’t think he will. Maybe he can do it by reducing the number of states but make it in a way that satisfies JCE’s idea.”

SSNA: “Were you at the meeting venue?”

“Mr. S. Paul”: “Yes.”

SSNA: “What makes you tell this story to media?”

“Mr. S. Paul”: “I am tired of war. I think what they are doing is to let this peace fail again. This war devastated our country. I have brothers and relatives who were killed in January 2014. This war must stop.”

SSNA: “Do you have anything else that you need to add?”

“Mr. S. Paul”: “No, no. What I want you to do is to spread this news and tell our people and East Africa what the JCE and the president are doing. Their plan is to keep 32 states or reduce them while keeping the majority of states in the hands of Dinka.”

“Mr. S. Paul” also revealed to the SSNA that the JCE told Kiir he must either reject some provisions of the security arrangements or return to war. The SSNA cannot independently verify the authenticity of the claims.

This is not the first time the Jieng Council of Elders is accused of wrongdoing. It is widely assumed in South Sudan that the JCE is the real president of South Sudan. The group has previously been accused of working only for the interests of Dinka and that president Kiir agrees with whatever they recommend.

The JCE is a tribal group run by old men who most other South Sudanese tribes see as a threat to the unity of the people of South Sudan. The South Sudan News Agency understands that at least half of the current 32 states are held by Dinka. Most people from non-Dinka tribe also accused president Kiir of land grab.

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  • Yes kiir shoudl reduce states but pretty simple to understand,you have about 1/2 population Dinka in upper nile,Jongele,Unity and let alone Bar Gazal.
    they will absolutely deserve more states as the population dictate.

  • You people, if you keep talking about the reduction of the number of states, it will take you years not less than 20 to get the answer. If you were not short sighted, number of states can be negotiated in the parliament after the formation of government of national unity. Development in South Sudan is not being impeded by number of states or internal borders. In South Sudan, there is no difference between PHD holder, politicians and cattle herders or villagers. South Sudanese politicians have become too stupid to extend that they lost common sense. What on earth do you want states to be reduced while some communities in the South need their own states. Who said that the current fight amongst communities was caused by borders disputes? Believe it or not, till 2030 you will be still discussing number of states and internal borders. You are so foolish and stupid to solve the problem in an effective way, because most of politicians are fake and did not grow up in South Sudan. If you want peace to come to the country, drop every demands as stipulated in the agreement and concentrate on security arrangements and the rest will be implemented by the government of national unity.

    • RingdiitMKoryom, Aweil
      October 8, 2019 7:33 pm

      Wishful thinking. The killer of nearly 400,000 South Sudanese will be toppled militarily whether he likes or not. We are fed up.

    • Kon, which parliament? the one which will be controlled by 80% JCE appointees!! what a pathetic political circus! !!

  • Stop always accusing JCE. JCE is out hero.

    • Ruai, put at the back of your medulaoblangata that one bright morning, you will suffer together with your JCE. Do not think that South Sudanese are so stupid to be manipulated by Junk old cattle keepers who have been in class room, and now calling themselves, JCE.
      What is this evil idea of every thing that needs to benefit Jeng only? All south Sudanese are human beings and need to be treated equally by who ever is a president. Do Jeng expect to be mistreated if another non Jeng becomes a president?
      Drinking cow milk and eating cow meat since childhood will make a person behaves like a cow. Cow politics brought to government will put everybody in hell as it is happening.
      with all these nonexistent so called government in South Sudan, it is better to balkanize the country so as those who are not greedy and are peace-loving, should leave alone.
      I’m fed up with this Jang greed and stupidity. Go to hell, the sooner the better.

  • JCE and Kiir must go to hell. This Kingdom is the prime source of South Sudan destruction. To hell with them.

  • Clement Maring Samuel
    October 8, 2019 9:50 pm

    JCE is the Janjawid mafias of South Sudan. They will continue to disorganized the country as long as Kiir is in power. The real shit in the country is not really Kiir but the engines behind Kiir which is JCE sect

  • Otumbara and Kon. It is unfortunate that such reterogressive ideas are coming from young and potential people like yourselves ! JCE evil strategies and tribal plans have already destroyed the country beyond imagination. It is very obvious to any sane person in SS that formation of a unity government per se is not and will never be a magic bullet to resolve the critical provisions of the R-ARCSS. Kirr and JCE are doing everything to circumvent the full implementation of this peace deal to keep status quo. Why create and keep states whose government and legislative business will be run under the trees or in cattle camps?!! why 32 states when don’t even have clean drinking water, sanitation facilities, basic infrastructure like good roads and food in the very national capital of Juba ?!! only those with mental deficiency can accept this situation

  • This bompshell of JEC is not good t drop this time peace is around the cornor they should stop that aggressive language even somebody who doesn’t have in any area want to talk about the border.

  • Dengdit Samuel
    October 8, 2019 11:55 pm

    As a concern citizen, the current turmoil started when states were still ten. In addition, Dinka were in many states out of ten then and it was not JCE that advised then souther president Kiir to creat those states in their favour. If your so called S. Paul needs peace he should not be so stupid to extend this sensitive info in order for him or her to be rewarded with ordinary bread. Yes we are all tired of war but let us stop creating more friction in our communities. JCE is just a cultural organisation and when accused in 2015 they immediately stopped then and until now I have never heard of them talking about politics.
    In conclusion, RTGONU whether formed on November, 12 or not it remains the only option to save the revitalised Peace Accord. There is nowhere you find opposition parties freely roaming the capital city and still claim to be waiting for more freedom from IGAD or IC. The parties to the agreement should be able to discuss things appropriately when they are under one roof. If they insist on delaying the Unity government then they have to be detained here in Juba and Riek be returned to his house arrest until they understand that our people need peace not their usual camouflage of abrogating accords.

  • To be a President is like a driver who doesn’t enjoy the full journey. That means he is there to drive everyone in the car. It is a shock after reading this message if it real true. I love western world whereby the concept of tribe has died so far.
    Mr S. Paul you know you’re wrong and what you’re doing is also wrong. If it were to be a good thing you could not even hide your full name. I argue you to ask to any of African country if it is only one tribe in the country then continue misleading president.
    The whole world is watching you people and even the Holy man knelt down to kiss your feet.
    Lastly be as you to rule, accept advice from elders but look at merit and demerit. It is your name people know more than elders. Even me here I have been nick named with your name.
    I’m man of God.

  • When Mr kiir created 32 States ,it was voted in a Parliament or his own decision to create them?

  • What S. Paul has revealed is true. the JCE is the group of elderly dinkas who actually tell president Kiir what should and should not be done in the politics of south Sudan. The dinka tribe have a population of 25% out of the total population of South Sudan.
    We have ten (10) legitimate states in south Sudan every body including IGAD and the international community knows this. President Kiir violated the constitution of the Republic of south Sudan in 2015 by unilaterally creating 28 and 32 states in favor of his dinka tribe on advice of the jieng council of elders.
    If the issue of states is not resolved, there is no peace in south Sudan at all. instead south Sudan will disintergrate in to different smaller regional governments.

  • You’re sounding like a member of JCE, well, were they not in the previous ten States? Enough is enough

  • Gatkuoth koryom
    October 9, 2019 5:52 am

    If the Dinka misled kiir is Right to them .if the term is going to and end the people may Dane nonsense things.

  • South Sudan is not only a place for Dinka , all South Sudanese people have right to own very things in this country , All of us have fought for struggle and vote for separation. Every South Sudanese have right to be a president of this country regardless of small or big tribe. let say the destruction is enough , the suffering of south Sudanese people have reached beyond our imagination. let us united ourselves South Sudanese people so that we can defeat the enemy of peace in our beloved country South Sudan. We need justices and rule of law to prevail, freedom of expression and speech.

  • Dut malaak Deng
    October 9, 2019 7:24 am

    Jieng still take a good number of states based on their population. Thus, it makes no difference whether it is influenced by JCE or otherwise.

  • black people is very hard to understand their hearts demand…… woooooo to our leadership

  • jokow yoal Bath
    October 9, 2019 9:36 am

    I thought our country decisions must be decided in parliament by parliamentarians not jieng council members. This is one reason why we will never have peace in this country.

  • We must go to the previous number of states or else no peace…..fuck JCE and their plans to kill South Sudan….

  • Buot Nok Marial Buot
    October 10, 2019 2:45 am

    Even if we reduce the number of states to two, it still won’t bring peace. Lets focus more on things that bring unity in ideas and efforts, if we do these things we shall realize that some things don’t matter in life. Lets first accept ourselves as we are and what have have as South Sudanese and we shall see and experience an immediate change.

  • That is why the opposition groups need to unite to work out a solution to this conflict that will counter this threat. We have already seen enough destruction brought about by the advise of this group to the president who has every power to dismantle the group if he sees it not benefiting his leadership as a nationalist.

  • Ayiik young p
    February 9, 2020 6:21 am

    Indeed south Sudan is a home of interested but interested is for business people, now each advisors are giving according to their needs eg,museveni and dinka councillors are both


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