South Sudan’s president accuses Western powers of working against peace

Salva Kiir. Photo: VOA

Addis Ababa/Juba, October 11, 2019 (SSNA) — The president of South Sudan Salva Kiir has accused some unnamed Western countries of being not happy with ways parties to the agreement reached a conclusion, a speech obtained by the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) shows.

The accusation comes as Western powers, particularly Troika countries (the United States, Norway, and the United Kingdom) step up pressure on the South Sudanese rival leaders. The U.S. ambassador to South Sudan has recently warned that it is ready to impose “serious sanctions” on South Sudan if Kiir’s government refuses to fully implement the agreement. the US State Department has also echoed ambassador assertion, saying Washington is not interested in going more time to parties to peace and that all options including the travel ban, assets freeze, and other means are on the table.

Kiir made the remarks at an event organized by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, in Addis Ababa to honor Ethiopian Unity Park on Wednesday.

In the speech, Kiir talked about how and why South Sudanese and Ethiopians have close relations. He described the relationship as a “blood relationship.” Kiir also claimed that the most important parts of the peace deal have already been implemented. He then accused some “Western circles” of being not happy with the way he and his political rivals successfully executed the agreement. Kiir did not provide details on why he believed he and his adversaries have already implemented the deal.

In his speech, Kiir told East African leaders that he will soon meet with South Sudan’s opposition leaders in Juba to work our ways to finalize the agreement and that a transitional government will for formed by November 12 dateline.

This is not the first time South Sudan accuses the West of wrongdoing. Early this year, information minister Miceahl Makuey accused Troika, particularly the United States of working aginst peace in South Sudan. Micheal Makuey accusation surprised many analysts because the announcement came just days after the US said it will not provide funding for peace implementation.

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  • South Sudan will be peace either USA nor othr countrys are not happy ,enough is enough ,our people’s ,mother kids and soldiers are suffering a lot .even God is here for this peace agreement .God bless ssd and peoples of ssd.ssd will be the first African country to compitat USA with economic grow and politics .

  • These are the genuine times African countries should support each other.These are the real issues countries should support each other and make that clear in the face of these bullies.Where is African union,M7 and other Africans to stand with SSD to oppose kamanyiiro.

    • Illiterate Salva kiir Mayardit will never bring to South Sudanese people, the lacking logic and never be trusted South Sudanese and the world at large. M7 push him to destroy the country beyond repair, this is the time for illiterate President to go and wait for criminal charges for war crime and crime against humanity.

  • Monydeng James Noi
    October 12, 2019 1:40 pm

    Thank you very much appreciate your all kindness, that love is showing your people,s , also love that our relationship, our lovely people s is very important peace ,so that we help situation in South Sudan people s ,may Almighty GOD bless you all and love our people s both leader s,and present time support by: Monydeng James Noi

  • Western countries had the right not to support the so peace in south sudan, simply because the peace will not bear it fruits and secondly the money that the western countries are using is for text payers …so i myself is standing with western countries for not giving any fund .


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