South Sudan’s government should be treated “illegitimate,” UN expert says

Former UN Security Council expert on South Sudan Klem Ryan. Photo: File

Juba, October 21, 2019 (SSNA) — The government of South Sudan needs to be isolated and treated as illegitimate by the international until it meets the needs of the South Sudanese, l former coordinator of the UN experts monitoring sanctions on South Sudan Klem Ryan says.

“They need to be treated as illegitimate through increased international isolation by the diplomatic community until such time as they show a genuine desire to meet the needs of the people of South Sudan,” Ryan said.

His comment came hours after the UN Security Council delegation met with President Salva Kiir, SPLM-IO leader Dr. Risk Machar, and other opposition leaders in Juba.

The meeting which seems to outrage millions of South Sudanese were designed to put pressure on the young nation’s leaders.

Many South Sudanese on social media appear to be particularly furious at South African and the U.S. ambassadors to the United Nations Jerry Mathews Matjila and Kelly Craft for the statements they made at the meeting.

Duop Chak Wuol, a prominent writer and the editor-in-chief of the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) wrote a scathing critique of the Council meeting hours after the meeting ended, describing it as “misguided” and suggests that some world leaders are complicit in the young nation’s civil war.

“The 2018 peace agreement was meant to silence the guns in South Sudan and reform the current dictatorial political system in the country. For a world body like the UN to go to Juba and endorse the formation of a provisional government by November 12 dateline while the main provisions popularly known as security arrangements of the pact are not implemented, it just does not send a wrong signal to the people of South Sudan, it confirms the widely held belief in South Sudan that some world leaders are complicit in the young nation’s civil war,” Duop wrote.

“Whether these leaders do it knowingly or unknowingly is a different topic. Those who think South Sudan’s atrocities are for sale should consult their consciences. If the UNSC is in bed with Salva Kiir, then the South Sudanese will never buy such a seemingly disgraceful relationship,” he added.

Duop also accused the world body of behaving like “an extension of Juba’s regime,” adding, “The Security Council must understand that they were part of a conspiracy that saw Machar narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in July 2016.”

South Sudan’s rival leaders met with their peace implementation teams on Sunday and were told conflicting assessments by the two teams. The government team told the two leaders that the implementation of the deal is going well and suggested that the formation of a transitional government should move forward. However, the armed opposition team disagreed, saying there is no significant progress made and recommended to the two leaders that more time is needed for the execution of the security arrangements.

The United Nations Security Council, however, insisted that they want a provisional government formed by November 12.

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  • The international community so call UNSC are doing exactly what they did in Rwanda. The world leaders donot care about the suffering of South Sudanese. All they care about is to smuggle the resources from South Sudan and want to keep Kiir in power, However, South Sudanese will not accept this ill intention of South Africa, UNSC and US ambassador to force the formation of unity governments without security arrangement. This is an intentional calling for another genocide to be committed in South Sudan by Kiir and his alliance’s.

  • Samson Nhial Chan
    October 21, 2019 10:21 pm

    Its exactly been shown that UN world wide has something bind to do with south Sudan if not how can the UN Security councils when to Juba with the drilled peace words?

    I cant see any space of UN to interfere like what this UN SECURITY council made it, it shows that UN security council were the most 2016 Machar assassination in J1 I said and I said

  • Makuey Rambang
    October 22, 2019 7:45 am

    The international community were feel reluctant since the 2013 deformation coup that was planned by JCE and president Salva Kiir which killed 20,000 innocent Nuer civilians . This is serious matter that need to be taken in consideration without seeing the outside box. President salva is a man of a who took the country as the property of his own family. security arrangements and number of state do not be compromised because without good security arrangements and boundary demarcation for all newly created state , it is likely the county will go back civil war.

  • The international bodies namely; UNSC, AU and IGAD have a long hands in the suffering of people of Southern Sudan. I never seen any positive action taken by aforementioned bodies to resolving the current crisis in the country. Many were hoping that visit of the highest delegation of the UN would break all the deadlock and pave the way to permanent peace in the ethnically divided state. However, their short time stay in the state capital washed out the little hope the country nationals have before. No more trust to the world bodies!!! but it will be up to the peace partners to letdown their own people they stand for or come up with best alternative to make this peace stand.

  • South Sudan war is a big business to the international communities like those of United nations Security Council members.

  • I can’t CALL MYSELF SPLA SPLM IO BE WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN WALKING AWAY from SOUTHERN SUDANESE THEY ARE NOT OURS PEOPLE even NUERS WHO HAVE side up with enemies when you see them don’t greet them IN NUERS languages greets them with enemies languages because there are not NUERS IF YOU WAS IN THEY SPLM SPLA YOU should have know that NUERS AND DINKA will IN THEY end because is i have witnesses DINKA ARE VERY IGNORE indeed NUERS was THEY first and most fighters THEY GREATEST ground forces undefeated and unbreakable untouchables mostly CITY CAPTURED BY NUERS GENERAL AND later on DINKA will act LIKE they are they one who has captured THEY city

  • The International community under the leadership of United Nations Security Council (UNSC), that US ambassador, African Union and IGAD, betray the purpose of saying humanitarian language that saves human lives in South Sudan. How can they go Juba to bless a tyrant who openly created war and cause lost of civilian lives and abuse the very good intention of international community leaders who supported the new nation? The security arrangements and the border retention to their original states are very important to be first addressed to stop the return to war. Wait and see how that Salva Kirr will insult you the International community on your face.

  • The people of South Sudan should know that they are dealing with people who only know war. The solution to the problems in the country will only come from south sudanese. UNSC, AU and IGAD are just sale outs

    President Kiir allowed the NCP guts penetrate SPLM and now they are in charge. Kiir has indirectly renewed the 21 years war against.

  • Before blaming anybody, we must blame our leaders, particularly The SPLM for losing vision and concentrated cliques on power control, disabling good practices.
    UN, AU, IGAD will come in when you mess your house up. And their intervention is attached to interests that are not common. Practically, is is happening in South Sudan.
    We need to rise to the occasion and work for genuine peace. For now, relying on outsiders won’t yield anything good. South Sudanese must take responsibility and work for peace, and there only two options; Genuine negotiations and it’s resolutions implemented in letter and spirit or use of force and the winner takes the day.

  • Long way to go! These goons from New York are not for peace guys. They are there to make sure every one is laid in peace.They have got nothing to do with peace. Alas! Alas! You better vote on your feet before you decay.

  • We the people of South Sudan think that UNSC will leave Strong massage peace in South Sudan but leave massage of dout in peace .


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