IGAD, envoys call on Kiir and Machar to meet before November dateline

IGAD past session. Photo: IGAD

Djibouti/Juba, October 27, 2019 (SSNA) — The East African regional representatives and international special enjoys to South Sudan have called on South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir and the SPLM/A-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar to have another face-to-face meeting before the November 12 dateline.

The call came one week after a UN Security Council delegation met with the two leaders in Juba.

In a statement obtained by the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA), regional representatives and envoys recommend that Kiir and Machar meet and resolve the outstanding issues, especially the security arrangements.

“The Parties to the R-ARCSS should meet before 12th November and agree on a temporary, viable and realistic arrangement regarding the critical outstanding pre-transitional tasks especially relating to the selection, training and redeployment of the NUF, the number and boundaries of States and the allocation of ministerial portfolios,” the document reads in part.

In the resolution, South Sudan’s government is asked to make decisions or statements that could cause divisions, especially on the issue of the number of States.

“The Parties especially the Government should refrain from making decisions and statements that exacerbate division on the issue of the number and boundaries of States,” the text says.

Envoys and regional representatives also demanded that Kirr releases more than $96 million dollars, money allocated for peace implementation.

The meeting was held on October 25-26 in Djibouti.

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  • Africa leaders must come up with a strong one voice and act without delaying about the peace in South Sudan. Dr. Riek Machar Teny is the man for destruction, killings and suffering. Look the way he was asking IGAD leaders and the rest of the world last year, basically the national unity government would have been formed on May 2019, but he said, he will need more six months and his demanding was been accepted even by the president Salva Kiir Mayardit but now he is not cooperated with what he had said in his own mouth. A person like Dr, Machar should be told by Africa leaders that, the suffering people wouldn’t waits for another six months extended again. There’s nothing difficult if both leaders are really willing to do what will be the best for the country and the people as a whole. The I HAD. And AU leadership must come finally conclusion and tells all South Sudanese oppositions or rebels that, enough is enough. Whoever refusal on November 12deadline must go to jail and if that language is sticking perhaps, everyone will come and forms national unity government on November 12deadline. Africa continent will never lived in peaceful coexistence if they allowed rebellious leaders such as Dr.Riek Machar and many more others.

    • Chuolmaikoryom
      October 28, 2019 12:06 pm

      Such aid speech will not take as ahead bro be fair for what you know .hatred not is positive influence to inspire your no plead again

    • Its very good decission if we discuss and come up with solid sollution. As we see many in every countrirs, there is no country like south sudan both in area coverage and population which is 32 state.
      As we are educated let our vission is to unite our country in instead of dividing according to our self benifed. For me ss is a very small country which can have not more than 9 regional state.
      It will be good if the country is united and we will look forward to unite africa to be one

    October 28, 2019 4:05 am


  • Plse you people you thought Dr Riek is stupid, but not. we will not be part of that goverment but we will continue telling the world that leadership of president Salva Kirr is not good to southsudanese people

  • Akuach Jacob Chagai Akuing
    October 28, 2019 6:36 pm

    We really like to see all of us in unity as soon as possible. PLEASE WE ARE SUFFERING EVERRWHERE ALL OVER THE WORLD. WE NEEDED TO GO BACK WITH OUR CHILDREN.

  • Gatluak Tot Nyuot
    October 28, 2019 11:54 pm

    Is the better to know who delayed the peace processes things that was sign in the fronts of the African and the International community.
    First numbers of the States and the security arrangements are the main keys for peace implementation plus the integrated troops.
    If this all things are fail to be in the proper place what do thinks so?
    Surely formation of the Unity government without these all things hey my fellows African you turn our lovely country in to war again.
    Main issue for not implement these things is from the government.

  • Really and by God name, if Dr. Machar wants to bring peace to the country since everything anchors on him, let him focus on security arrangements and put aside the demand for 10 states and boundaries. I appeal to IGAD members not to blindly support the demand for 10 states and borders. Without dropping these two conditions, I bet you, you will not smell the scent of peace in South Sudan. If security arrangement is taken as a dividing factor, everythings follow afterward will be easy to execute.

  • SB Chiok Guek
    November 1, 2019 5:52 am

    South Sudan need permanent peace and lasting freedom, so whoever is supporting on 12 November R-TGoNU formation such individuals/groups they are just destructions agents who wish the South Sudan as the Independent Nation to collapse totally.
    How come you can call for any kind of government formation yet the same pending issues like security arrangements and numbers of the states were the ones that led to the fighting of 2016 that drived back the country into the second war. Please fear God and mind about the future of the country you ruins today because of your selfishness, put it in mind that everything come and go, so there will be a time South Sudan will recover from Salva Kiir mastered civil war.
    Let peace be peace, rather than that then you are fooling yourself the supporters of kiir regime in Juba because at long run that regime will exit the world’s youngest Nation South Sudan at anytime possible.

  • Very sick mand will not take as a head let us knew the cause delay rather than blaming Dr Machar .


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