Exclusive: South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya are working to further prolong the civil war

Kampala, November 27, 2019 (SSNA) – The Presidents of South Sudan, Uganda, and Kenya presidents Salva Kiir

Museveni (right), Kiir (left). Photo: File

, Yoweri Museveni, and Uhuru Kenyatta are working days and nights to further destabilize South Sudan and that the two leaders will never accept a peace deal that that strip Kiir of some of his current powers, a former spy with the Ugandan External Security Organisation (ESO) says.

In an exclusive interview on Tuesday, the Ugandan former intelligence agent who uses a fake name “James Moises” to protect his identity says his country, Uganda, is a threat to South Sudan and that Ugandan leader Museveni must be confronted either military or economic means to back away from his continuous support to Kiir’s government.

“People are fooling themselves, there is no peace and peace will never come in South Sudan,” James declared, adding, “Yoweri is getting too much money from Kiir every month, so this man who kills us every day here in Uganda is working for peace in South Sudan. He uses his influence to deceive Kenyatta.”

“Who is can believe this Ugandan murderer when it comes to South Sudan?” James asks.

During the interview, the former spy was witnessed by the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) lashing out of East African leaders, calling them “Museveni’s puppets and money lover.”

“I worked for the ESO for too many years. Most of my assignments were in the East African region. I dealt with economic and many other issues. I can tell you from my previous experiences that several East African leaders are puppets of Yoweri. The other part is that bribery is working in Kenya,” James explains.

This is not the first time James leaked out information. The ex-intelligence agent is known for exposing Kiir and Museveni’s dealings before the civil war broke out in South Sudan.

James also reaffirms what he described as his “war against dictator Yoweri Museveni” that he will rest when Museveni is gone.

The Ugandan leader is documented as an ally of Kiir. He deployed troops a few weeks before the civil war erupted and fought alongside government soldiers against South Sudanese rebels, especially the SPLM/A-IO.

A recent United Nations report also concluded that Ugandan and Kenyan governments are working for the South Sudanese government against peace.

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