UGUNS’s appreciation letter to Kiir, Machar, Troika, and IGAD

Dr. Machar (left), shakes hands with President Kiir at Sudan Presidential Palace in Khartoum. Photo: Sudan Presidential Palace/File

The Union of Greater Upper Nile States Inc.

H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan;

H.E. Dr. Riek Machar, first Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, IO leader;

Troikas and IGAD

South Sudanese community

20th February 2020

Re: Statement to support ongoing peace efforts of the R-TGoNU

February 20, 2020 (SSNA) — The Union of Greater Upper Nile States Inc (UGUNS) wishes to congratulate the Presidency for the recent changes on 15th Feb 2020 to dissolve 32 States, created three administrative areas namely Abyie, Ruweng, and Greater Pibor; and returned the country back to its original States of ten (10) and its counties. On the eve of another important development, UGUNS writes in support of all efforts to ensure the ongoing process to implement the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS).

The ongoing progress towards peace has offered optimism to the South Sudanese community globally. It can also help provide for a conducive environment for the principal parties to implement the outstanding matters of R-ARCSS without delay. Therefore, we encourage the principal parties to build on that trust and engagement positively toward the implementation phases of the R-ARCSS.

Furthermore, should the principal parties work toward building on consensus and show political maturity in the process, then the citizens of South Sudanese and other stakeholders to the R-ARCSS will be there rally behind them to implement the R-ARCSS in totality.

South Sudanese in South Sudan and amongst its diaspora community have worked hard to progress peace and heal from conflicts. The continued commitment of the  South Sudanese leaders to resolve their political differences peacefully and put the interest of the nation as first priority to them invites further support from its people that could transform the situation in the community where they will embrace, accept each other and live in peace.

With the aspiration to form the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) mounting, the ultimate demand by the South Sudanese citizens and the stakeholders are to end the violent conflicts.

The community seeks assurance, that there is an ongoing process to ensure check and balances in place to deter war propagators, without which we run the risk to see the R-TGoNU collapse due to its inability to contain prejudice, transform the status quo or be able to communicate the reform agendas stipulated in the R-ARCSS.

The principal parties should engage first, communicate and build trust, discuss and articulate how they would implement the R-ARCSS in spirit and letter, consult and deliberate on its key reform agendas through an ongoing, supported process with a comprehensive reform agenda that focuses on rebuilding the nation, restoring the dignity of our people and improving livelihoods.

We understand there are important steps ahead to implement the security arrangement including the unification of the army and police forces. Doing so will grantee the feasibility of the R-TGoNU to:

  • Legislate the amended constitution;
  • Mobilize resources that will enhance the capacity of the R-TGoNU leadership to deliver on its priorities.
  • Rebuild the government institutions in Upper Nile State, Unity state, Jonglei State, and the three new administrative areas before the state government move in;
  • Host community consultation to raise national consciousness aiming to unify the community. This approach will help the state leadership to engage with the community to maintain law and order, restore peace and unity among the divided communities.

We are thankful to IGAD, Troikas and the humanitarian organisations for their continuous efforts to mediate and support the peace process of South Sudan, provide protection to civilians and provide for their necessities. Therefore, we invite the mediators/grantors, the South Sudanese community, friends of South Sudan and peacebuilding organisations who wish South Sudan a durable peace to consider ongoing involvement and support.

UGUNS is a civil organisation with a commitment to peacebuilding advocacy imbedded in transforming the tribal hatred which undermines the coexistence of the South Sudanese communities by promoting a sense of humanity and cultural heritage we share to coexist peacefully.

Peace must return to South Sudan, therefore confidence and trust-building among the leaders and in the community are the only liabilities for R-ARCSS and the success of the future government.


For further inquiry about this statement, you may reach us through the contacts provided below by email: [email protected] or Facebook: The Union of Greater Upper Nile States Inc.

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