Letter to the government of the Republic of South Sudan

President Kiir (right), SPLM-IO leader Dr. Machar (left). Photo: EPA

May 6, 2020 (SSNA) — On behalf of the people of South Sudan, we wish to express concern that leaders in the States and Administrative Areas urgently need to be assigned.

The open-armed conflict between major armed groups has been virtually eliminated in South Sudan.  For that, the people praise and thank you.  Unfortunately, because of the absence of governance at the state level, lawlessness is rampant.  This is seen daily in the violence, death, and kidnapping associated with cattle raids in many areas of the nation.  Additionally, criminal assault on humanitarian aid workers is a continuing concern not only because of the injuries, deaths, and loss of emergency assistance materials but also because the aid does not reach the people.  While pure banditry on the roads has been reduced, it remains a problem.

Lawlessness is contributing to the starvation and food insecurity for over half the population.  We recognize that the COVID-19 disease, price of oil, general economy, poor crop yield, and major floods of late 2019 all are serious concerns as well as lawlessness.  However, lawlessness can be addressed quickly by appointing the state and administrative area leaders with direction to take immediate action to curb crime.

Please give this your immediate attention.

Reuben Garang

For the Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan and people of South Sudan

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