Eastern Jikany Community criticizes Murle attacks in Lou Nuer areas

A section of Nuer Community members seen here in this undated photo participating in a meeting in the United States. Photo: File

Eastern Jikany Peace Initiative Conference

Office of the Executive Council

Joint press release

Date: 19th of May 2020

Subject: Message of Condolences to Lou Nuer Community

May 19, 2020 (SSNA) — The Eastern Jikany Peace Initiative Conference (EPIC) is surprised and saddened by the recent coordinated attack by a well-armed group which identified themselves as Murle Youths who killed our innocent civilians,  and burnt down to ashes houses in Pieri,  Goah-goah, Jokrial, part of Tangyang,  Pamach, etc. These areas are largely occupied by innocent civilians. The attack came four days after the signatories to Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) failed to agree on the allocation of states and security arrangements.

Eastern Jikany Peace Initiative Committee  (EPIC) viewed this barbaric attack as a plan by anti-peace elements to provoke and derail the implementation of the R-ARCSS,  particularly the establishment of state government,  R-NTLA and deployment of the unifying forces  (UF) that the R-ARCSS identified as the National Armies which will be tasked to provide security in the City and states.

The people of Eastern Jikany Community strongly condemned in the strongest term possible this unfortunate political attack by Murle Youths and its allies mobilized from other ethnic groups with the aims to destabilize Lou Nuer Community in their dwellings. The Murle Youths have constantly been attacking Lou Nuer villages, and the White Armies have been monitoring their movement since January 2020. But for the sake of peace, Lou Nuer community has been in self-defense and until today, still in self-defence.

In this regard, the people of Eastern Jikany community worldwide wish to send their condolence to the families, friends, and the Lou Nuer Community at large for the loss of innocent civilians in the sponsored attack. It is a real great loss to the people of Lou Nuer Community, Eastern Jikany Community, and the Nuer Community at large, we want to say that you are not alone. The people Eastern Jikany share the mourning of our great people who just perished in these attacks.

EPIC call on all White Armies of Eastern Jikany Community to be vigilant. EPIC also calls on Revitalized R-TGoNU, IGAD, and International community to investigates this incident and particularly where none Murle Ethnic group involved in such fighting.

The letter was written and signed By:

  1. Cde Mok Riek Badeng – Acting Chairman of EPIC
  2. Cde Simon Ngut Kun – Secretary-General of EPIC
  3. Cde Lew Lual Deng – Chairman of Eastern Jikany Council of Australia
  4. Cde Dak Wal Miyong – Chairman of Eastern Jikany Community in the USA
  5. Cde Koang Malual Khor – Chairman-Eastern Jikany in Canada
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