“Monstrous cowards” killed children, South Sudan’s church leaders say

Photo: SSNA/File

Juba, August 7, 2020 (SSNA) — Church leaders in Tambura and Yambio are terrified as the rest of the people of South Sudan after killers or a killer slaughtered three innocent children in Juba.

Still in shock, the church leaders reaffirm their sadness after August 2, 2020  the children and describe the unknown culprits or culprit as “monstrous cowards” and the government to identify and who is responsible.

The South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) was told by a Presbyterian Church leader who is based in Juba that the country leaders must think like national leaders and that confronting crimes like this could help them if they were to act as real leaders. The same church leader, who only agreed to talk on condition of anonymity compares how “crazy soldiers” trained  to kill people instead of defending the constitution killed innocent children with their mothers in 2013.

“I cried for three days maximum. This country is lost. On that day when I saw the pictures of those children on social media my heart was completely broken. I even thought the people who committed this unthinkable act are the same crazy people who killed innocent South Sudanese children and their families in 2013.”

When to explain what the pastor mean,  the pastor simply bursted into tears, forcing the SSNA to end the interview.

The SSNA also understands that the Presidential order was issued by President Salva Kiir soon after the incident. The President is heart broken and bowed to find out who is responsible for act, according to a statement obtained by the South Sudan News Agency. It is not clear how far or when the government will announce its finding or arrest.


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