Death toll rises to 97 as mysterious illness targets elderly and children in Jonglei State

Photo: AP/File

Juba, December 24, 2021 (SSNA) — An unidentified disease is killing elderly and young people in Jonglei State’s Fangak County, Fangak County government officials said.

The mysterious illness which the local health officials initially thought was cholera appeared in late October and was noticed last month by the Sudan Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization investigators.

The disease has not yet been identified. However, local health centers in the surrounding areas and the Ministry of Health said the symptoms of the disease include joint pain, cough, body weakness, diarrhea, fever, chest pain, headaches, and loss of appetite.

Fangak County’s officials stated that investigators of the WHO had conducted their first investigation in November and that they have no new update or information from South Sudan’s Ministry of Health or the WHO.

The local officials call on the Ministry of Health to mobilize necessary tools to help identify the disease so that patients can receive the right treatment.

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