There is a deadly flood in Ethiopia’s Gambella region and the world keeps quiet

Photo: SSNA

By Duop Chak Wuol

August 24, 2022 (SSNA) — The world is one community. There are problems that divide humanity—and these issues are regularly mistaken. There is a deadly flood going on in Ethiopia and the world keeps quiet. One wonders why this is happening. It is not right now. The flood in that region has been going on for years, perhaps decades. There is a need for an immediate international community to fix this.

A few days ago, a deadly flood devastated an area in the Gambella region. It is called Lare Wareda. The world seems not aware of this even though the federal government of Ethiopia appears to quit. I wonder why a federal government of a nation would not act. Ethiopia is a historical country. They have enough scientists that can solve this repetitive situation.

I know this problem very well. I have a blood link with Ethiopia. This flood happened almost every time between July to September. A society that is capable should not keep waiting for the same problem to occur every year. Ethiopia has scientific capabilities. One wonders why a country like Ethiopia keeps failing to rescue some of its venerable districts like Lare Wareda.

The world must unite now to show humanity is an Ethiopian obligation. The flood issue in the Gambella region happens every year, there is no more time to wait. It must be fixed by Ethiopia or the international community must fix it. Enough of this too many years of the seemingly ignorant acts of humanity. I am calling on the government of Ethiopia to fix this.

Please look at the pictures of the devastating community of Lare Wareda.

Duop Chak Wuol is an analyst and the editor of the South Sudan News Agency. He can be reached at [email protected].

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