South Sudan Admits Censoring Media

Information Minister and government spoke person Michael Makuey Lueth. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Juba, October 6, 2023 (SSNA) — A recent United Nations Commission on Human Rights report has accused the South Sudanese government of censoring news articles it deems critical of its policies.

The report details how government agents of national security put in place measures to limit free press. In the report, the government even forced journalists to remove articles they published.

However, South Sudan Information Minister and government spokesman Micheal Makuey Lueth says the government is simply preventing some journalists from what he described as “incitement of violence” and claims what the government does is a “protective measure.”

“If the article is inciting hatred, then it ought to be removed. We don’t want to take that author to court,” Micheal told reporters in a news conference in the capital, Juba.

South Sudan has a history of suppressing the media. Many journalists have been detained, and tortured, and some lost their lives.

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