Yasir Arman will lose April election for South to secede come 2011

By Deng T. Liem

March 19, 2010 (SSNA) — It appears that, Yasir Arman’s presidential contest against President Oman Al-Bashir brought absolute enthusiasms among Southerners who have been misled by opportunists’ kin to support his candidacy. As matter of facts, President Yasir Arman, if elected, within those eight months, he will serve as Sudan interim president, he will try to bring developments we might need in the South. He will try harder to build sophisticated hospitals, schools and abundant roads and to make healthcare available to all Southerners is among others, in order to make unity attractive to Southerners. He will also put together an equal representation GoNU and gives the South some key important government ministries posts such as mining, economic, finance etc. He will do whatever he could in his disposal to allure us beyond reasonable doubt to vote for unity in 2011.

If our solemn choice is for unity of Sudan over separation of South, therefore, Yasir Arman is our sincere candidate in this election. Have saying that, if our merit choice is for separation of south from the rest of country, Yasir Arman is the worst candidate for us due to fact that, he will make unity attractive and for the same reason, he will make it difficult for South to secede come January 2011 referendum. For South to vote for Mr. Yasir Arman in April elections will be completed direct vote for unity of Sudan even yet the referendum is held.

The second most importantly issue is that, Yasir Arman has no base in North, but his base hail from the South. This issue will make him hesitate not to let south to secede freely because he would remain with empty hands in the north where he will doom to voluntarily vacate his presidency to just follow us in the south. For this solid reason, however, Yasir Arman will not allow himself to make that forlorn decision against his political carrier to let the South to secede on his present. Let us not forget that SPLM/A was initially fought for principle of genuine New Sudan that was initially brought Yasir Arman and other comrades from north to join SPLM/A. If the SPLM under leadership of Yasir Arman becomes Sudan’s ruling party in May of 2010. Why do we think that Yasir Arman would let South to secede while SPLM has achieved its compelling principle of New Sudan?

One could not be nuclear scientist to know this fact. I don’t believe that Southerners are harebrained enough not to realize these irretrievable barriers in advances, which will dilapidated our path to secede from the rest of country in 2011. Yasir Arman’s presidency is one of the most malignant obstacles against South’s secession and the misled kin must need to retrieve their happiness brought to them by Yasir Arman’s presidential contest and they first should weight advantages against disadvantages of his presidency, if elected, before they make it a great deal.

Those misled kin are diehard separatists who will insist to fight another war of separation after Yasir Arman has totally doomed referendum, if elected president, which I doubt, will happen. I vehemently need to inform this group of south voters to understand these above important constraints which would subdue our chance to secede before they prematurely decide to vote against our own political believe of separation. If south would breach against failed referendum results and declared UDI for south after SPLM President, Yasir Arman was letting referendum go rampant in his favorite. When in fact, majority of south have voted for unity of Sudan instead of separation of south that we hope for, as Yasir Arman would have attracted our votes for unity by attempted to build sophisticate hospitals, schools and roads while brought economic prosperity, full decentralizations and equal redistributions of wealth among all Sudanese citizens, plus all those key important ministries he must rendered to south in his government.

Let us make no mistake, the south will suffering beyond previously hardships we had endured in the past because our neighbor countries and allies in this war against Khartoum will not take our case very serious like they used to be. With this in mind, we will need highest 21st century technological war weapons and ammunitions to fight that waging war. I doubt south to wage wrong war against north with those 20 century weapons and ammunitions. I hope that, the south will vote to avoid dreadful barriers will ruin our path to secede.

We are one that strives for upcoming April elections to take place. The GoNU of Yasir Arman, if elected president, would be SPLM led government. Is that not another malicious obstacle against south’s secession? I believe it is, since SPLM will maliciously fight against itself between north and south sectors that will lead to real physical war, if God Yasir Arman would success to fail referendum by allure south to vote for unity of country. Our separation from north should become piece cake only if President Oman Al-Bashir or real southerner elected Sudan Interim president.

I believe that it is the best interest for south to vote for President Oman Al-Bashir in this election, not because he is the best President for us, but because he was one who had signed CPA with south. If he will act to disown his own signatory, however, it will make it easy for south to declare UDI for south against his regime and the whole world will rally behind south as they would have known that, President Al-Bashir has breached his own signature on CPA document. In my humble understanding, I believe that, it is the best interest of south to fight open known enemy that is known to whole world than to fight unknown enemy that will confuse world community and our allies in this war against north in Khartoum.

That known enemy is President Oman Al-Bashir and his NCP, but Yasir Arman of SPLM will be unknown enemy and breaching against his regime will take time for the world to understand implications of his guilt. I know for sure that, Yasir Arman will not let us to secede freely like previous Sudanese presidents and President Oman Al-Bashir is including in that fool. However, Mr. Yasir Arman will make it difficult for south to secede for these fundamental reasons I listed below.

1. He has no base in north to govern without south, 2. He would not let his base to secede to taint his political carrier and north, 3. He will keep his base by making unity attractive to south and votes for unity, and 4. He must abnegate his known secularism mentality and joins his nuclear Arab people in north to declare wrecking war against south and charges south for disowning it owns SPLM’s compelling principle of New Sudan in place.

The beliefs that, Yasir Arman will let south to secede in a peaceful manner is fallacious beliefs of schists and diffident leaders of SPLM who have lost faiths with one another and failed to nominate one of their own in order to avoid tribal conflicts. As one SPLM leader was claimed to run for both SPLM’s presidential tickets of GoSS and GoNU, but failed to win that controversial argument. The moderate bigotry (Yasir Arman) will return into dreadful bigotry like his likes when his dream of becoming president comes to reality. The south will face enormous ramifications as result of Yasir Arman’s presidency, if elected and indeed war broke out between his regime and south separatists.

I exhort South voters to vote with merit conscious to keep embattled President Oman Al-Bashir in office for these three significant reasons below.

1. President Oman Al-Bashir will not make unity attractive, whatsoever; therefore, south will overwhelmingly vote to secede in 2011, 2. He has vigorously agreed with his nuclear Islamic fundamentalists’ society and endorsed religion state of Sudan that would be governed by “Sharia Laws” opposed to secular New Sudan of SPLM and therefore, President Oman Al-Bashir is now a sought separatist, and 3. He is a partner in CPA and any attempted breach against referendum provision would be grave mistaken as it would be taken very seriously by international community and CPA peace brokers.

For the sake of south to become Independence State, we need separatist like President Oman Al-Bashir to win and unionist Yasir Arman to lose April election to pave away for south to secede come January 2011 referendum. For Almighty God’s willingness any infamous politic plays to boost hopes for unity amongst southerners will gruesomely doom to fail and the essential hopes for genuinely Independence south will definitely prevail. Henceforth, the United Independence South governing by rule of laws, great dignity and humane, brother and sister hoods, will eventually comes to exist.

The author is Sudanese political activist live in the United State and he is reachable at: [email protected]

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