Changson Chang Launched his Campaign Agenda for Upper Nile State – 2010

Good Governance–Our Policy

March 24, 2010 (Malakal) — For any country to realize peace, development and prosperity, that country must have good governance.

Challenges—lack of good governance is directly linked to—

* dictatorship

* corruption

* insecurity (tribal fighting, intimidation and arbitrary imprisonment)

* lack of real policies and programs aimed at addressing the root cause of community issues and development

* lack of freedom of speech, assembly and innovativeness

* absence of democracy, political freedom, freedom of choices, etc

* absent of the rule of law


Our Proposal

* the law is the supreme power of the land (rule of law)

* equal treatment, hearing, remedy and representation in front of the law

* freedom of choices, assembly, expression and political will/opinion

* democracy–the rights to vote and be elected

* put an end to dictatorship, intimidation/fear and unlawful imprisonment

* protection of citizens by law and no to abuse of power

* govern justly and equally (no to tribalism and favoritism)

* will mandate civil society organizations to translate, disseminate and explain laws to the entire population of Upper Nile state in order to know their rights


* Rule of law will prevail in Upper Nile state; and our communities will no longer live under the bondage and mercy of political leaders. Hence, they will live equally with pride and dignity!


Ding Lam YUAL

Media & Communication

Changson Team

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