The Elections provide Lessons for the Referendum

It is no secret that, not only the NCP which is against the very idea of the south, seceding, but the entire north can be seen at any moment from now to work up a joint strategy so as to block any fraud free referendum in 2011 or invent last minute hurdles to deprive us from remaining a united people.

The very initiative now declared by NCP to form a new government of national unity with the main task of making the referendum difficult is a clear indication that the enemy is not sleeping, and just proves the aforementioned point.

"If we are declared winners in the elections … we would extend the invitation to all parties, even those who have not participated in the elections, to join the government because we believe this is a critical moment in our history," senior NCP official Ghazi Salaheddin told reporters. "We are facing important decisions like self-determination in the south and would like to garner as much support and as much consensus as we can."Ghazi added.

It is in guaranteeing a fraud free referendum that, we as southern Sudanese, should play our utmost roles. The list of issues is long, and the time left is too short. If we think that the NEC has been too much in favour of the NCP, then we must strife hard with the help of the international community that we don’t end up again with a referendum commission that will readily sell us down the Nile. Many good swimmers have died barely minutes after reaching the coast!

The one other huge challenge that has clearly beaten everyone in this elections, especially so in south Sudan, is the problems with the logistics. The question is: Can a good logistics be put in place before the referendum? Can we afford to get the 66% turnout for recognition? The elections has clearly shown us the leaks and it’s now our collective duty to fix them, should we really be dreaming of a credible referendum and one that can see us across to the Promised Land.

“When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered”.Dorothy Thompson

Dr.  Justin Ambago Ramba,  M.B, B.Ch, D.R.H, MD. Secretary General of the United South Sudan Party (USSP). The party that stands for the independence of South Sudan. Can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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