Serious Irregularities in the Elections Process in Southern Sudan

3. WESTERN BAHR EL GHAZAL STATE: Jebel Khair Centre, Constituency No 5: The SPLM pitched up a tent less than 50 metres from the centre. The Leader of the elections committee was allowing people to vote without identification. Also, in the centre, the agents noticed that somebody who had the indelible ink on her finger was given a ballot paper by the returning officer. They objected but the Leader of the elections team insisted and she cast another vote.

4. UPPER NILE STATE: Maiwut County: The party agent in Maiwut, Mr Thiang, was arrested by the SPLA in the evening of the 12th and detained in the military barracks. Our party Supervisor in the County, Mr Tut Rom, went to see him at about 9:00 am today. He was also detained. Both are still under detention.

Many County: (a)- Adare Centre: The Leader of the elections team was arrested and no voting took place today. (b)- Demoth Centre: One of our cars at Demoth was seized by the SPLA denying us the opportunity to transport supporters to the polling centre.

Fashoda County: (a)- Kal-Agany Centre: The Leader of the elections team was arrested by the SPLA at around 12:00 noon and voting stopped. (b)- Oriny: The Leader of the elections team was arrested by the SPLA in the evening.

Melut County: Giyada Centre: The Commissioner was directing the voters to vote for the SPLM. The agents of the other political parties withdrew and moved to Malakal.

Makal County: In Malakal East Constituency in Malakal town, the Commissioner arrested the agents of our party. They were later released.

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