Referendum Shall be Illegitimate If Managed By Illegitimate Government

Rather, the genuine question here is how to bring the missing element of legitimacy to that de facto government so that it becomes a complete government of leaders who represent the people with legitimate conviction and not leaders who pretend to represent the people while they only represent themselves and the cronies?

But how? Either for the constitutional court to declare Kiir innocent of elections riggings and other irregularities in the South or declare him guilty with nullification of his stolen victory so that re-election for the post he hold takes place. Time factor is not a problem as much as we have the utmost respect for the rule of law and people’s choice. We respected the rule of Sudanese law when Kiir was allowed to contest in the elections with his military titles intact though this was unjust. So what can prevent us now to respect the same law even if unfair!!!

So hurry up, please the electoral judges and NEC’s officials who are trying to play the game of delay-the-judgment-and-kill-the-case. Tells us whether Kiir has the legal legitimacy to form the GoSS cabinet in the few coming days. Don’t hide out of fear of his SPLA military might because at the end of the day the might shall never overcome the power of rights.

Dr. James Okuk is a concerned citizen of the Independent South Sudan in the waiting reachable at [email protected]

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