Banditry Killing of Paramount Chief in Collo land is a Warning to all Political Leaders

This reactionary killing will not stop unless those who support criminals will cease in their support. The bandits who kill the paramount chief and his companions gave clear threatening warning that everyone who associated himself or herself with destroyer of Collo his time is coming soon, and they are determined to do more damage to this partial government of South Sudan members among Collo politicians who care about their personal gain. What death can they be afraid against more than harassment, agony inflicted on them? What death can they be afraid off more than humiliation, raping and abuses done on their families?

Many Collo communities vowed that they are not militias of any party as it had been alleged by SPLM that the Collo are militias of SPLM- DC. If you recalled election mode all people who vote for SPLM- DC were not DC members, but they were reacted to SPLM that failed them in many occasions; first Anakidar and Abanemo incident, George Athor refusing Collo to reconstruct their houses in their home land, president Salva gave Pigi to Danka’s as County which is a Collo land.

With these entire shortcomings from ruling party SPLM, can you think that such communities give SPLM their vote? For sure the answer is no. Instead for ruling party to come back to the community and apology for their wrong doing, they still want to continue terrorizing Collo people to make them subject to their wrong ideology of domination.

SPLM must be aware that Collo is third major tribe in Sudan if they decide to join Jallaba which you accused them falsely. Then for sure south will not taste peace and Referendum will not be attain for good. If SPLM think that SPLM-DC is poisonous to their government, be assured that Collo as tribe has nothing to do with the accused party (SPLM-DC). Collo as community has reacted to circumstance SPLM forced on them, they never reacted as DC and will not do that in future to come. All community members cannot become one party member is vague assumption.

Let me be honest with the members of SPLM within Collo community, if they have problem with Dr. Lam Akol because of political differences they should not victimize Collo as whole for their personal aspiration. Let us be educated by what happened to our chief, this fate can happen to anyone of us if we temper with Collo affairs.

I believe in peace and harmony co-existence between different communities if leaders never fuel up hatred and domination spirit. But anyone who dig a pit for his brother he will fall into that pit as the Bible put it in proverb. Personally, I don’t appreciate killing and revenging, because my faith tells me that let leave revenged to God.

I pray that God may comfort grieve families that lost their loving one, I plead that God may reveal himself to our political leaders to work for welfare of people rather than own interest. O Lord may you stop this bleeding in south Sudan which is inflicted on the community by their own sons. God, grant our leaders wisdom to lead your people.

Daniel Amum Odwel is a citizen of Southern Sudan residing in Malakal, the capital of Upper Nile state

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