Is Sudanese Unity Beyond Repair?

By Luk Kuth Dak

“We have nothing in common with Southerners; they don’t look like us; we don’t speak the same language; we don’t believe in the same God, and we share no interests.” Sudan’s First Uncle, Al Tayib Mustafa.

June 17, 2010 (SSNA) — From the first glance at the question above, the obvious answer is a yes, because, first and foremost, unity-any unity- must be built on trust, respect, honesty and mutual interests from those that are involved. In another word, it’s a “give-and take” sort of thing. But as long as the northern Sudan continues embracing the apartheid mentality, hatred, religious extremism and Islamic radicalism, with clear intent to obliterating South Sudan, unity doesn’t stand a chance.

Moreover, like the vast majority of South Sudanese out there, I’m flummoxed by the so-called “Surge for unity,” being undertaken by the National Islamic Front (NIF) and the National Congress Party (NCP) of fugitive President Omer Al Basher. It’s ironic, really, that anybody with the slightest ounce of common sense truly believes that after more than half a century-long and counting of brutal wars, that the illusive unity can be arrived at and achieved in a six months period of time.

Recently, President al Basher and Vice President, Ustaz/ Ali Osman Mohammad Taha, are too busy launching a nationwide campaign to convince Southerners to vote for unity comes the much anticipated referendum in January 2011. Billions of dollars are being dedicated not to help in the development of the region, but literally to buy Southerners to vote against self- determination, Of course, in order to remain under the oppression forever and ever.

Consequently, the deep-pocketed regime initially believes that, if it can be able to buy not only some of our brightest and must educated, but also some foreign heads of states, regional and international organizations, such as President Idriss Debby of the Republic of Chad, President Isaias Afewreki of Eritrea, and the Secretary General of the African Union, to name a few, it can certainly buy just about anybody and everybody in South.

Big mistake. No true South Sudanese will buy into these smear tactics and dirty tricks. They’ve made-up their minds already, that for better or worse, they will choose their freedom over oppression and bigotry.

“If the South chooses to separate from the motherland, said smiling President al Basher, it will be engulfed by tribal conflicts; we have moral obligation to keep this beloved Sudan as united as we inherited from our forefather, he disgorged."

The question: so what? And why all of a sudden this butcher seems to worry so much about the well-being of South Sudan, only after he’d turned the whole nation into a morgue, over the course of his tenure in office? And is anything really is going to be any worst than the irreparable harm committed by his “ Jihad” war, in which over two million innocent South Sudanese lost their precious lives, all for no wrong doing other than their demand for just and equality in their own land?

The fact of matter is that: once an oppressor, is more likely to remain one. The NIF’s loons cannot afford to let go of the oil revenue. Therefore, no one should be surprised by the current escalation of the security situation in the South. Unfortunately, it’s only the beginning of a much greater conflict that has yet to come., which will ultimately require a vigilant united front, and an aggressive combatant planning, both politically and militarily, not only by the SPLM/A, but also by the civil society as a whole.

Although the door should always be opened for redemption and peaceful resolution of conflicts with who have done us wrong, but all other options including force, should remain on the table. And just like the vast majority of South Sudanese, I pretty much lost all hope that there would a peaceful resolution with the renegade Gen. George Athor Deng, who has, over-night, became the darling sweet-heart of Khartoum’s pro government media of the likes of al Rayaam, al Intibaha, al Raead, Sudan Safari, Akhir Lahaza and most unfortunately, the so-called National Radio and TV. His news coverage surpasses that of Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, purported Professor, David de Chand and Pharmacist Riek Gai Kok, all combined.

Now, if that doesn’t raise your eye-brows, nothing else will.

Yet despite traitor Athor’s irreparable acts of evil, he had been given enough beaks and all the grace period there is to redeem himself, but he chose defiance. But the fact is, patience has its boundaries. And yes, the people of South Sudan, and from all walks of life, have an absolute confidence in the SPLA’s ability, under the leadership of Commander-in-Chief 1st Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit and his Chief of Staff, and one of the most, if not the most, committed soldiers of all times, Lt. Gen. James Hoth Mai, to impose security in the region and to protect the citizens’ lives. More so, they both know that the SPLA’s reputation and credibility are being put to test if traitor George Athor and the likes, are not brought to face justice for their treacherous acts of evil.

Keep the faith.

The author is a Sudanese journalist and former anchorman at Juba Radio. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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