With SPLM’s Incredibility the Referendum Credibility is at Risk

By Dr. James Okuk

June 18, 2010 (SSNA) — Wake up and liberate yourself from SPLM’s illusion. Try to address intellects of your readers, not their emotions only. My friend, take it seriously from me, there is not going to be referendum as you think. The NCP are already moving seriously underground and planning in order to keep unity of the Sudan by any means. For them, the 2011 referendum is just a lips service for buying time. The NCP and some Northern political parties are already filling cases to be used in the court against the credibility of the referendum because of the SPLM pre-campaigns, using some youth in Juba and abroad. They are also filling a case against the GoSS because of the CPA’s violating statements by the Ethiopian Nuer (Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth) who represent the GoSS in U.S.

The visit of Pagan Amum to the UN headquarters in New York made the matter worst, regarding pre-campaigns for referendum. He came back with tough condition: create conducive environment in the South that shall make the UN permanent members believe that the Southern referendum is credible for immediate recognition. But with the incredibility that Salva Kiir, Pagan Amum and their SPLM have shown in the South, will the referendum that may be managed under their rule be considered credible? I doubt and the UN may slap the South right on the face here. Also the NCP will work very hard to convince Mr. Thabo Mbeki and his Panel not to validate any credibility of the referendum under the current situation in Southern Sudan. And it is known that African Union has a negative position on Secession of South Sudan.

Surely, we are in troubles regarding any conduct of peaceful referendum, and the SPLM is even complicating these troubles and helping the NCP to achieve their goal of keeping the Sudan united as handed to them by their grandfathers according to their believes and songs these days in the media.

What is painful is that the SPLM leaders are just sleeping with beers and whiskies despite the mounting challenges, thinking that the International Community will intervene in the rush hours of the referendum troubles. False hope! Even the U.S shall not have time to send Marines to the South to help the SPLM/A with the war-of-referendum’s mess, unless Gorge W. Bush comes back to the Capitol Hill. Time for reckoning is just here.

Dr. James Okuk is a concerned Southerner. You can reach him at [email protected]

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