South Sudan will never be distracted by Khartoum’s old ‘Jihad’ Rhetoric

In short this new cabinet’s main task would be to keep the NCP’s tight grip on power in Khartoum regardless to what happens to the rest of the country.

During the swearing in ceremony president al Bashir declared that his new crew will be guided by what he calls the voluntary unity……which paradoxically is about to imposed on the southerners through political blackmailing, coercions, and malicious persuasions. But with no much surprise, however the new FM, who clearly sees no any chance to a voluntary unity with the south, addressed the status quo as a FM of northern Sudan (and not Sudan) by sending a warning of a possible border war. With this, Foreign Minister Ali Karti has officially begun his foreign policy, possibly by mobilizing for a revert to hostilities  with the anticipated new state of south Sudan which is  yet to be declared when the southerners finally vote in the January 2011 referendum. 

Since the UNSC, US administration, the EU, the AU and our immediate neighbours are all standing by the CPA and committed not only to see that the referendum is held freely, fairly and on time but are also ready accept the choice of the people of south Sudan, we can only hope that the northerners behave themselves sensibility and responsibly, otherwise it is they who will risk being labelled a rogue state, if they are not already there.

On the other hand having seen over the past five years what the GOSS can and cannot do, I strongly appeal to the south Sudanese masses not to be distracted by desperate voices of our sworn in enemies like Ali Karti and the rest. Our civil society and political parties must now intensify their leading roles in mobilising our people for the referendum. An intensive action plan and still better, a one that is immediately followed by implementation, has to start and soon. This by itself can make the new Khartoum cabinet tremble and render all its generals and security agents useless.

Sadly enough Gen. Salva Kiir, was again reported in the Sudan Tribune (17/06/10), for repeating his infamous statement during the inaugural session of the newly appointed Council of Ministers in the Government of National Unity in Khartoum, when he shamelessly reminded his pathetic Jallaba audience of the fact that the SPLM/A did fight against separatists during the liberation struggle in their clear support for unity over secession, I quote "People should not think that I will tell the people of Southern Sudan to vote for unity, no I cannot do that…I will take a back seat and let others speak…the issue will be left to the people to decide," he said.

It is sincerely regret that our supposed leader remains indecisive to this moment on how to face the realities on the ground.  But should south Sudan opt to separate from the north, the blood of those separatists which was shed in the hands of Kiir Mayardit and his colleagues will continue to haunt them wherever they are and history will judge them accordingly.

In this confused situation where the elected leadership in the south is comfortable to sit behind, then every concerned citizen must take upon themselves the right to step forward and fill in the vacuum. Salva Kiir who keeps confessing that he indeed did kill southern separatists in the bush is today too weak even to clearly state his beliefs. What a sad ending for the unionists as they finally acknowledge their inability to achieve their empty slogan of the fake ‘New United Sudan Vision’.

The pro-independence southern political parties and the civil societies must understand that a great deal of enlightenment is needed, especially so on the polling process as our population is majority rural and illiterate. The immediate assistance from the international community in organisational aspects and logistics cannot be over stressed and again whichever way polling is done, it must be as simple and straight forward as possible to avoid ballot spoilage.

As I have pointed in a previous line somewhere in this article, the NCP is more than conscious that the tides have turned against them. They know that the South is no longer under their control, but obviously they worry about the Oil money that will surely be affected by the new developments. However the main intension of Bashir’s new cabinet is see to it that the secession of South Sudan should never affect the balance of power in the north, as the NIC/NCP intends to continue to rule in the north indefinitely.

As for our fellow southern members in the new Khartoum cabinet, I hope that they will spend their period in office knowing very well that they are surrounded by NCP security intelligence, where their activities will be curtailed so much so that they are frustrated. President Kiir Mayardit knows very well how it operates in the Palace, and thus prefers it in Juba than in Khartoum.  However none of all these can make you northerners and you MUST voice out, loudly and in unequivocal terms the true stand of the masses of south Sudan. Remember that history will always judge us accordingly.

One thing to put clear is that the north is surely determined to give the south a run for their money. Referendum will take place, and in time. The north will have to accept the results as mandated by the UNSC and the rest of the International community, whether they like it or not, however they are determined to make the whole exercise quite tenacious that the two sides will continue to trade bitter accusations through-out the remaining period before it is all done.

But the bottom line is that south Sudan will never be distracted by Khartoum’s old Jihadist rhetoric. The referendum is a one life-time event and it must happen.

Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba, M.B, B.Ch, D.R.H, MD. Secretary General – United South Sudan Party (USSP). The party that stands for the Independence of South Sudan. Can be reached at either [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

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