Did Shiluk community guilty by association?

By Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA) 

July 7, 2010 (SSNA) — May I, seize this golden opportunity to congratulate the new elected government of south Sudan “GOSS” and ten States Governors, especially my home state governor, Ustaz Simon Kun of Upper Nile State. It’s seemed that’ the vast majority of people are satisfied, and excited by the structure of the governments, states, and GOSS respectively.

First and foremost, these pragmatics leaders must roll back their sleeves to fight the epidemic of the century, the corruptions with all its forms, and to prove beyond the reasonable doubt to the world and the nation that; south Sudan State was born bold, and ganged, and can able to tackle if not all, but most of our challenges.

Remember, the destination of thousand miles started with a step”, to combat this disease needs self denial, commitment, and dedication, serving our people with respect, and their dignity, without prejudice, favoritism, or nepotisms.

Many speculations have been circulating about mistreatment of shiluk community in Upper Nile Region. But I didn’t took the matter very serious not because I am not Shiluk, but simply, because those who are championing this allegations are only SPLM – DC supporters or its members, if I am not wrong, which make the whole scenario like propaganda against SPLM main stream party, the government of South Sudan, and our national army SPLA, supposedly, obligated to protect all Southerners, despite their political affiliation or ethnicity.

Furthermore, the instability going on in the Region from murder of permanent Chief Oyath and company, rebellion of renegade and fugitive general Athor, and rebellion of renegade Commander Gatluak in Unity state, just to mentioned a few, those incidents are not isolated, but supported by some elements publicly, which is totally against my principles and believes that; “united we stand, divided we fall”.

However, south Sudan is homogenous society with multiple ethnicity, different cultures, traditions, and as I always stressing; we have one thing in common; the land called south Sudan. My question is; if all these rumors and speculations are true, which I fully acknowledged according to the independence sources, and after the involvement of permanent politician Ustaz James Ogilo, what is the reaction of Ustaz Pagan Amum, General Oyai Deng Ajak, Professor Peter Adowk Nyaba, and the rest? I am still sticking to my word that; Shiluk are well represented in the government.

In 1980s, Dr. Walter Konjowk resigned from his ministerial post because purported General Gabriel Tang – Genyei was a Militia of Khartoum government, and is terrifying shiluk in the area, which lead to immigration of many to Kinana, Carton Kassla, and Shigla in northern Sudan including King Ayang. I remember he said this remark during political debate in Khartoum University and, Quote: “I can not be part of government killing my people “. Guys, the history always repeats itself. I am not instigating those of Ustaz; Pagan, Oyai and the rest to desert their party and government, but if what is going on is true, they have to do something before it’s too late.

Secondly, our government should ordered SPLA soldiers through their Commanders to stop and suspend disarmament in south Sudan especially in this juncture, paving the way for people to excise their right of self determination process in healthy environment.

The question we should all ask; can we afford to vote for unity, with the continuation of galling and bleeding war, with the existing of Muslim law (sharia law), and to became a second class citizens in your country, or you better vote for separation and the damn war and its horrors will stop once and for ever, than we live in harmony with so called themselves Arabs?

In conclusion, I urge the Government of south Sudan to resolve and solve the instability which is going on in shiluk areas, Unity state in Bantiu, and elsewhere in the south. Remember, those communities are the very people you took arms to liberate. The golden rule is; “you have to treat others the same way you wants to be treated”. We have to act according to the book, and no one is above the law…

Lets all work for good atmosphere to enable our communities exercising their right of self determination in less than six months from now to end the unjust and live in peace and tranquility. South Sudan nation Oyee, Hakuma bitana Oyee. SPLM/A Oyee.

The author can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]


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