Referendum: Secession of South Sudan – is the answer

By Gabriel M. Tor

July 7, 2010 (SSNA) — If Christ – who is God himself has a father and a mother; then who would claim he is from nowhere. All knows every nation starts as a family, and every family has an ancestor, if not ancestry home or origin. “Others think they inherited Sudan from their ancestors, but the current Sudan is according to British” said Omar El Bashir – Sudanese president. Hold on! – “According to British??” He (Bashir) doesn’t need someone to disapprove his statement, but his own names can do this alone. Omar, nor Bashir is none English name nor did he inherit it from British. What makes El Bashir think this way is madness. Every Sudanese might think Bashir get his names from his Arabian-ancestors. Omar El Bashir created this statement, not out of the blue, but out of his own confusion. Meaning he wanted to defense against the South and North borders demarcation and ancestry claim of the black ethnic communities; being natives of Sudan before Arab traders arrived.

Knowing that South Sudan is capable to challenge the government in Khartoum, capable of breaking away from olden and rigid Sudan, capable to fight in defense of the great South and even capable of supporting other oppressed regions inside Sudan, to become capable to rule as well as capable to defense themselves, then they twisted the term “incapable to rule – South”. Under Khartoum regime – is Sudan capable? If you say, no! = yes! If you say, Yes! = no! Sudan under El Bashir’s rule is not capable yet, to govern the Country, Sudan could have not rank #3 failed State, on the FFP failed States’ index, after Somalia appeared #1 and Chad as #2 – on the FFP (Fund For Peace) 2010 failed States data-list, out of 177 world Countries, where Norway rank #177. Before you pass No 7 – (#7), are Iraq and Afghanistan on the 2010 failed States index – according to American think Tanks.

If the current Sudan did not fake integrity, if it’s capable as claimed. Sudan would have not gone to war to itself, for more than two decades and still created another war in Darfur, which almost spill to neighboring Countries. So, the government that claims being capable, is not capable yet. And now the government in Juba cannot wait for the Iranian built dynamites to burn the oppressed alive in Sudan. Secession of the South is the answer, after the January 9th, 2011 Referendum. Right after September 11th, 2001. The American former president – George W. Bush said, “If America blinks, the world goes to sleep” During this Referendum preparation – if the South or the government in Juba blinks, then the whole Sudan forget about their freedom and resources, and go to sleep. Though the South of the Country (South Sudan) has few resources to use, the must utilize them to make separation attractive.

Why do the South separate again? Because the government in Khartoum which was supposes to be the government of all the ethnic communities in Sudan, is government to few. The gov’t that was to build schools is building militias training camps, just to delete some villages on the Country’s map; the gov’t that’s to build trust has broken records of mistrust. The gov’t that was to build peace and love is building hatred among ethnic communities. Sudan government is buying war tanks and war-heads to destroy the nation then to build colleges to educate the population. For those who are still calling for unity, you should know this: Awai Piok said, “Unity can never be built on injustice and corruption”. You cannot force your belief and your law (sharia law) to be applied to all – who don’t believe your belief, while exploiting national resources which you do not want to share. Those geese, those traitors who are and have been selling the South at thrown away prices, must stop selling the South cheaper and start to cooperate, before their doom haunt them down.

I believe – it’s going to go into pieces, before it goes back into whole – I am talking of Sudan. The mistreated must break Sudan into parts, for a better repair. Not a bad wish, but a better way to get, a nose to breathe.

I did not write this to entertain, but to share my heart of hearts with you. Despite the huddle on the bridge, we will cross.

Comrade Tor is reachable at: [email protected]

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