Longechuk Community in Diaspora Congratulates the Newly Appointed Longechuk Commissioner

Press Release

July 23, 2010 (SSNA) — Change comes and goes as people move forward in time when change is taken place. But one thing important to know is that what people remember is what one has done before change could take place. As suggested that “action is louder than word” is positively meaningful and that reflect the work-done depending on what one did in the past.

In fact, Cde Mr. Pal Kun Kek has done enough as a commissioner of Longechuk County. His administration has managed to build a conducive atmosphere keeping his people’s resiliency high. Cared on by Cde Mr. Gach Puok Dak, by doing the best he wished to have done is of great significant although time did not permit his servant hood to serve his people. We thank you all for you restless help you have given to your people during which times you have not obtained enough materials in order for you to do the job.

Now that Cde Major Stephen Wicluol Gach has come to fulfill what was not accomplished by the former commissioners. One thing we now know of the current commissioner is his ability to forge a trust building relationship amongst the Longechuk citizens. He is a man of courage and hard work, and peace loving person who would work toward achieving universal peace throughout Longechuk. Whatever a plan he lay-out will definitely meet its designated timing. Whether a school project, a road construction, a tax reform and a system reform; these important things would come about with a set of framework that will have to be implemented.

However, to all Longechuk citizens living back home and in Diaspora, please, time is now for us to join hands and help our commissioner. Our support for him would help strengthen what he can do for our County. Let us give our valuable advices in due time to encourage him so that he does the job necessary needed by fulfilling the remaining work that was not done by the former commissioners. Let us work toward consolidating peace and love and approach the critical time with happy faces during which time referendum is being held.

Thanks to Governor Simon Kun Puoch, for appointing Mr. Stephen Wicluol Gach including the other counties commissioners who would serve under his administration. We extent our warmest thank you to Hon. Mat Ruon, Chuol Dep, Tor Ruon, Chol Bol Wur, Ruach Kuon, and the rest that I have not mentioned for becoming the men of the year 2010 to serve in the higher level of Government of Southern Sudan. The referendum is approaching in six months period and so joining hands in fight against injustice is your task to do. I urge that you keep our home safe once and for all. Wish you the best!

Nhial K. Wicleek lives in Canada and can be reached [email protected]

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