Dear First Vice-president Salva Kiir Mayardit and 2nd Vice-president Ali Osman Mohamed Taha

Dear Your Excellencies,

July 27, 2010 (SSNA) — I am writing to you regarding 200 Million Unity Fund set aside to develop the South to make unity attractive. As a tribute to Dr. John Garang who coined the term "making unity attractive", I have an opinion to give you to further that aim.

First, I want to advise you to build a highway following the road Dr. Garang used in 1983 to go to bush. When Garang left Bor with his family, he drove his Landrover car from Bor to a place in Ulang County called Wec-deng-nyang. When Garang arrived in Wec-deng-nyang, he was faced with two problems. One, he ran out of gas to continue the journey to Ethiopian border. Second, even if he had gas, it would have been impossible for him to drive at day time because a military helicopter was looking for him around Nasir area and could spot the car.

Therefore, Dr. John decided to abandon the car and asked the locals who assisted him to carry his kids to Adura (Thiajak) in Ethiopian border. John Garang’s Landrover is currently in Wec-deng-nyang. It rusted and it’s being eaten by insects.

Therefore, it would be an honor to him and the people of South Sudan that the current CPA Government preserved the car and turn the area into a museum. By doing so, the Government of National Unity should build a highway following his steps until Wec-deng-nyang, where he left his car. I do believe that such a project will positively further the objective of "making unity attractive". It would also generate income in the future from tourists who would want to drive through the road Garang used to go to bush. If the Landrover is preserved, it would also become a place for tourist attraction. 

Gordon Buay
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