‘What’s Wrong With Being Politicians!?’

By Gabriel Makuei Tor

August 18, 2010 (SSNA) — Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) delegates to Canada in their Calgary, Ab. Audible speech posted online – New Sudan Vision website. The audio speech I listened to, from Gabriel Alaak Garang – one of the GOSS delegates in Calgary, AB. Canada – on August 15th, 2010. The Southern Sudanese plebs and leaders might have mastered elocution, but not the human effective leadership and management, which are dogged by prosperity and development in communal life.

The Southern Sudanese olden politicians may be scared of losing their seats for the young ones – coming to the field. If they have eyes to see – they must look into their governing system and start correcting it for the betterment of the nation to be – South Sudan.

If we need engineers like any other nation on earth – we will import them and give them all the money the needed to be paid for; until the GOSS Current political mafia hold the job right – by that I mean; you might have heard the Southern Sudanese outcry for public wealth, jobs, laws and institutions in the South being stolen, squandered or abused gravely.

So why do they have to copy North/Khartoum’s ruined governing system and paste it in the convalescent South!?.

Comrade, Gabriel Garang has great empathy on sensitive issues on the ground at home as well as to those exiled Sudanese diasporas. Garang has his literacy message – fearing Southern Sudanese in their studies abroad; on not getting necessary skills to take home for development. To paraphrase his thoughts and message to his audience. Garang said, you don’t need to be a politician to serve the Southern Sudanese or Sudanese. Something he had seen among young Sudanese scholars, but bothering according to his narration on education and skills. So the curious voice came out from the crowd, yelling; “what’s wrong with being politicians!?,” said the yelling voice from audience crowd. Mr. Garang had to answer: That’s not the skill – this building was built – referring to the building he was addressing his audience in, during his delegation visit.

Well; if Garang’s colleagues in Juba, don’t know how to play their political skills very well, then the rest will be inspired for better political play and capabilities.

Yes! To Mr. Garang, on his address: The case in the field of majors is viewed differently than anyone is single assumption on leadership and growth. Seriously; if the South Sudanese fellow politicians – either young or old on the ground – in Juba, refused to change himself/herself and the community he/she lives in as a political tool, nothing will prevent other dreamers to dream to change whoever has refused to change himself or his environment.

Anything in the governing system that goes wrong or allowed to go wrong in lieu of correction for fairness and justice, is known as corruption. The lust of office and greediness on wealth, by our politicians has killed our great politicians – making our young scholars thinks twice before their inspiration. There is nothing wrong with being a politician, but there is something wrong with those inactive-self made politicians, out of effectiveness. Who are holding onto the system of governance they cannot afford to change for the better, but ruin for worse (these are the ones I called – killed politicians).

Getting oneself a major or career should not be viewed as a landlocked issue, because we keep on changing careers in our fields of studies. According to San Jose State University – Northern California transfer information, it says, 80% change their majors’ at least one in their life time. And 80% of American workers get jobs in fields not related to their fields of majors, said SJSU information – is that not wonderful!!??.

Besides, government of the land must not be viewed as the main and only field of employment. Private companies must be considered and initiated for the sake of economy and jobs’ employment growth.

"Scaling the mountain is what makes the view from the top so exhilarating". ~ By Denis Waitley.

Mr. Tor could be reached at: [email protected]

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