Luke Kuth Dak is a chap like no other!!!

By Butrus Ajak, Australia

September 16, 2010 (SSNA) — Southerners, Luke Kuth Dak deserves colossal appreciation from us all. His recent slamming of Dr. David De Chand message of Southerners not ready for secession proved him to be a man of people (Southerners). Those who have read his September, 7 2010 article on Southsudannation would comprehend his usual stance. His audacity to write what he wrote wasn’t easy. Not everyone was happy with that article, I guess. But we have to put our hands together and applaud him. Thumbs up brother for great article!!!!

In that article, he questioned why majority of Nuer left their image to the few individuals he termed “Jallaba Golden Boys” to tear it apart before their eyes. A community once known for standing up for the right of others, Luke asked. He went as far as questioning why these boys preferred Jallaba who have committed horrendous crime against Sudanese African to Dinka who at the end the day remained their brothers, it surfaced Dr. David De Chand was at odd with Dinkas ruling.

Brother Luke you said it in a nutshell. There is something fishy about such friendship. That’s why I like your holistic approach and frankness in your articles. I am a big fan of your articles. There is a hidden reason to why these boys preferred Arabs than their own brother. That gesture alone is telling and suspicious altogether!!! These boys are out for something less than hijacking our destiny as Southerners.

Dr. David De Chand and his likes who seemed to cocoon themselves to Jallaba in Khartoum just because of their hatred towards Dinka leadership, has to get it clear that, a time will come when Dinka’s leadership would come to an end. But Arab domination is endless. Message from Dr. David and I quote, “Surely, Dinka could not lead because they are naturally failures in the art of leadership in the South: Abel, Garang, and Salva Kiir, all have proven to the world that they – Dinka leader could not lead at all. Their major problem is that they do not know democracy, compared to Nuer. The world knows today that Dinka leaders are a bunch of extraordinary thieves, thugs and hooligans,” Whether the above quote is true or not, I leave for you to construe it.

I propose Luke Kuth Dak to vie for South Sudan presidency after independent given his solid experience from the following people: Message from Luke and I quote “As a young reporter and an anchorman at Juba Radio, I was also privileged enough to be exposed and hang around some patriotic Nuer leaders of the caliber of Mr. Peter Gatkouth Gual, Ustaz Joshua Dei Wal, Ustaz Thomas Khuma Kan, Drs. Michael and Julia Duany, Col. Samuel Gai Tut, Mr. Daniel Gatwech Kan, Mr. Pal Gai Lam, Brig. William Abdallah Chol, Commander William Nyuon, Ustaz Pal Riek, Bakoak Gatluak Faguir, John Dak Puok, Jacob Downg Wan and Ustaz Gadeet thon Wakuo, to name but a very few”. It may not be his intention, but having read every article he posts, I have seen he got something good in abundant for Southerners.

Above all, our brothers need to be extremely informed that Arabs spared nobody at the end of the day. Once they are done with one group they turn to the other, until Sudan is left to them. I don’t understand why our elders failed to understand this simplicity. More especially, our Drs who become South headache even a recent Dr. James Okuk follow the suit of old ones. And so I ask don’t extensive education of getting PhDs change people’s thinking in any way?

Finally, Luke is a gentleman who seemed to stay clear and objective in his writings. He has not even a day posted something that divided us (Dinka & Nuer) given our tainted relationship that seemed to engulf everyone into it. Luke stood tall to this temptation. His promotion of coexistence as Southerners all the time speaks volume. He is a chap like no other. Let’s all imitate him. We have to put aside our differences and match to the freedom square as one people. In time of external invasion brothers leave their family dispute and minor quarrel to fight the common enemy together; this is the same case here. Our elders should stop singing empty slogan of unity and join the youth for Separation!!! I mean Dr. Lual Achuek, Dr. David De Chand and the rest who chose to remain subordinate under Jallaba ruthless regime. Come out or else you will miss out.

Butrus is a concern South Sudanese who resides in Australia; he can be reached at [email protected]

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