Keeping Sudanese in Unity is the Dirty Truth

By Gabriel Makuei Tor

“I am not scared about you to lead, I am alarmed by your greed” – Said Southern Sudanese poet in his poem – entitled “Sudan is My Country” (Name Unknown).

October 10, 2010 (SSNA) — The call for the Sudanese unity by Khartoum is the dirty truth, one need not to sacrifice for it. Unity of the Country is good anywhere in the world, but with who I am residing with – I don’t call for. The Sudanese Unity is lacking spirit of brotherhood, nationality, patriotism and mutual understanding but thronged with Jihads, Islamization, and Arabization – dogged by its kleptocratic behaviors, at gun point; is not the integrity which our comrades have been laid to rest for. This is a ground of no tolerance to any kingdom. The National Congress Party with its military wing – National Islamic Front; has made unity unattractive, and wanted to cling to the Sudanese power and wealth without sharing it amongst the Sudanese citizens. I have seen them having mouths to talk but no ears to lend.

Show me that article – which says all parties must support Unattractive Sudanese Unity and I will show you Hague’s criminal Lodge – ICC on the Desk. Stop crying for unity. Where were they; who cry for unity against Secession when the South burns for Over 50 years?

Is/was Sudan in unity? Definitely “Big No!!!”. The Sudanese government has fought the South for over half a century and Darfur for almost a decade now! Would you call that a united Country – in real sense, no unity exists but the possession of the name Sudan to all the Sudanese people and regions. Those who are calling for united Sudan must know there was nothing united before and that’s why the SPLM/A took up arms to defend and unite the Country. This idea have been put on ice and erased by the ruling NCP  by using Jihad and Sharia law as law of the Land against non-Muslims – So where is the union and the unionists who kept silence by then, when the South was butchered for decades with no call for a cease fire and now they call for unity. Did you see that comrade – “Living Witness?” Leaders were assassinated; children abducted for slavery, innocent citizens were thrown to jails and rest murdered mercilessly.

No prisoners of war were returned, or exchanged when SPLA released Khartoum’s POWs to the North.

When the Sudanese government agreed to sit around the negotiation table, with the Sudan People Liberation Movement – with it military wing – Sudan People Liberation Army, for a peace talk that took 3 years of dialogue in Kenyan cities of Machakos, Naivasha and Nairobi among others. Behind 2.5 million lives lost due to war and related causes, according to UN – which those with Sudanese civil war experiences on the ground; claimed to be at a greater rate than 2.5 millions.

A Sudanese government of NCP with broken records of aborting peace, wealth and power sharing treaties; between their opposition-South and Khartoum-North, since 1940’s – sat to dialogue with the SPLM/A knowing if they have signed more than several treaties in the past and has broken them, knows too, even the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) is just a break from long wars, but could be dishonored, at its 11th hour.

NCP – Dispatching Misseriya Tribes against the Nine Ngok Dinka Tribes.

Even if there seemed to be a way forward; the NCP do comes in to twist the original stories. The recent report from Addis Ababa about the Misseriya Tribes claiming Abyei at this late hour and they had never been part of the Dinka Ngok, either religiously, natively and traditionally. What is the connection today?

They have threatened to wage war against Abyei and the South, if they are not allowed to vote in Abyei Referendum or share power and wealth equally with the Ngok Dinka as said by El Bashir’s government and party (NCP) to SPLM few weeks ago as pros. These claims were not revealed during 2002 to 2005 peace talk in Kenya – until everything came to conclusion on Abyei only. Behind these claims by Misseriya Tribes. Is Khartoum government with intention to thwart or ruin Referenda for the South and Abyei regions, Popular Consultation to Blue Nile and Kordofan States. These fake grievances must stop now. The NCP’s weir is not going to catch anybody and the South shall wades through – tall and free.

Sudanese Disintegration today is Sudanese Integration tomorrow.

If South Sudan agree for the unity of the Country Sudan – she will be the first army to burn remnant villages of Darfur to ashes; Because the NCP will use its forces to destroy the little left of Darfur before Khartoum disarm them and you know the rest……. To save the remnant few – make your vote of separation count and get your voice heard, forever peaceful Sudan.

Remember to respect your registration to vote for Referenda – anywhere in the world when it begins; where legible.

The NCP should know that – the SPLM/SPLA’s Flag; is a Flag of a Nation, which is not going anywhere! Khartoum must accept that a Nation is born for us to leave Separate than dying together.

The Southern Sudanese People can afford anything and anybody, but what they could not afford are 50 more years of Bashir’s cheat notes and generation in the bush.

Author is reachable at [email protected]

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