The newest African State in the Waiting

By Butrus Ajak, Australia

October 11, 2010 (SSNA) — Martin Luther once said and I quote “oppressor never voluntarily gives freedom to the oppressed. You have to work hard for it. Freedom is never given to anybody. Privileged classes never give up their privileges without strong resistance”.

The above quote is exactly playing out in the Sudan as I write. As time and days run swiftly towards referendum plebiscite, intense tension builds between Sudanese secessionists and unionists in Sudan and around the globe. Yes, yes for separation used to be mantra of the day here. It is what South Sudanese separatists flaunt about to their opponent unionists at this part of the World. It is all over. Balkanization of the Sudan is truly imminent. Real intention of Southerners begins to exhume clearly. Southerners all over the globe and especially in Australia, Melbourne talked nothing else during social gathering other than secession comes January 9, 2011.

South Sudan or whatever name it will take is just a new nation in the waiting. South received and continues to receive numerous threats and negative reaction from North Sudan cronies who warned to cut services to Southerners in the North if at all south separates. These are clear dire symptoms of frustration from NCP party, a party which had exploited South Sudan with impunity, who dare to stay with them anyway? Jallaba did cut quality services to Southerners many years back. There is nothing to cut now anyway. South lacks the following services: No clean water in the South, no quality infrastructures in the South, no quality education in the South, no quality medical service in the South, no light people lived in darkness and the list goes on and on. NCP is held accountable to this. Southerners living in the North even faced the same fate of exclusion. Jallaba is out to do all it can to sabotage South walks to freedom. Therefore, such intimidation should never distress south stance to independent. South will be what it wants to be by deciding its own fate alone and only alone. Uttering threats and cautions by wanted NCP president and his thugs mustn’t be heeded to. The deceased chairman Dr. Garang made it known in 2004 that and I quote “Southerners reached where they are because of their ultimate scarified, it wasn’t anybody goodwill”. It is the same case here, our independent isn’t anybody business we got take it by ourselves no matter what it will take.

Another point worthwhile revisiting at this crucial time is this, at Rumbek’s conference 2005 just days after CPA was inked into lawful document by our late charismatic leader Dr. John Garang and his team, John spelt out very clearly that his comrades in arms and him brought for us a CPA in a golden plate; and therefore it was up to Southerners who didn’t partake in the bush’s war as well as partakers to choose wisely during referendum if anyone don’t want to be seen as second, third or even fourth class citizen in your own Country. The well said and foreboded moment is about to start in 88 days only, our people suffered racial, economic, and political injustices in the hands of successive and totalitarian regime in Khartoum many years than anyone could remember. Hence, 2011 plebiscite will dictate Southerners destiny.

Like most of my lost-boys comrades, we used to sing we don’t want Anya-nya three to rematerialize in the Sudan again; the Sudan fundamental problem must culminate with Anya-nya 1 & 2. And so far, what GOSS in Juba will do at referendum time will determine our grandchildren future. Anya-nya 1 did its part and it wasn’t a job done well, and that brought us this far side of the Continent. We lost 2.5 Million of our people to War and its related consequences. Many of my lost-boys, lost-girls and others who didn’t fit into this category displaced and ventured this far as a result of War. Therefore, attaining CPA wasn’t just a simplest goal to achieve. It was a pyrrhic goal. A goal Southerners achieved by sacrificing human blood and flesh. GOSS got to deliver it to its last iota, and this is South Secession. So that a War we fought today couldn’t be seen by our generations to come. Yes, Yes, Yes for Separation!!! No, No, No Unity!!!

Thanks to Salva Kiir, Dr. Machar, Wani Igga and the entire South cabinet for hanging on up to this minute, you have managed to withstand some NCP kickbacks floating around South Sudan. We all know Arab uses their looted money and many other means to buy some of you to do away with South Independent and South populace didn’t hear any split in your government. Together, we shall shame the devil in Khartoum!!! You have united our people strongly than ever before and that’s an outstanding achievement. Your recent called and intention to remissive the four military officers, Lieutenant General George Athor Deng, Major General Gabriel Tanginye, Robert Gwang and Colonel Gatluak Gai and many others is a wise leadership and excellent decision. This is a right time to forgive ourselves we are human being and human is to an error. We got match together as one people to South independent. We don’t want hurly-burly politics among southerners at this critical juncture. South Sudanese must put aside their miner analogies and face their long time common predator together, an enemy that kept our people hostages in their own Country for numerous years than anyone could recall.

Finally, huge appreciation goes to General George Athor Deng Dut for welcoming a call of inclusion by GOSS elite. I hope other disgruntled brothers who haven’t spoken up yet will follow him. South must separate and Whole Sudan liberation from Jallaba continues until Jallaba is all pushed off the cliff of the Sudan. Our African brothers from North shouldn’t feel betrayed. Once South disintegrates, you all will follow the suit. South will be there for you. It will provide a safe heaven for your refuge.

Butrus is a concerned South Sudanese. He resides in Melbourne, Australia. He is reachable at [email protected]

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