The birth of the world’s newest nation (South Sudan) !!!!

By Daniel A. Daniel (USA)

“Sudan will never be the same again” once said by: Late Dr. John Garang De Mabior.

January 11, 2011 (SSNA) — Sudan, the larges country in Africa, suited in the heart of Africa, with a population of forty million people, more than two hundred different ethnicities and languages. Surrounded by eight African countries, Sudan is homogenous country, multicultural, traditions, multi religions, with varieties of western, eastern, and typical African civilization, and norms, and above all Sudan is rich with many natural resources.

The fact of the matter is that; this unique country is going to split in to two countries in one of the remarkable democratic process event, choice of self determination for the people of south side of the country to choose their fate in referenda, between united Sudan and secession of the south, to be or not to be, in a secret ballet only for south Sudanese people all over the globe, which shall take place on January, 09th,, and will ended on January 15th 2011.

Furthermore, I would like to highlight some of the facts that; I, personally believed will trigger, and influenced many southerners, especially the undecided voters between two options (Unity and separation).

Critically; since, so called, the Independence of the Sudan from British colony to the time of Khartoum elites and Egyptian parrots colony, south Sudanese people tried very hard to resolve some serious issues between south and north, from Juba round table in 1947, declarations of 1964 with Anya- nya one rebel’s returnees, Addis Ababa Accord, Khartoum Peace Agreement on 1997, which I assumed that; we all know the details.

Nevertheless, the Nivasha accord, or Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), signed in January09th 2005, between NCP/ NIF, and SPLM/A, which ended the longest struggle in the horn of Africa that claims more than two millions of innocents lives, unfortunately, Khartoum elites tried to follow the same old techniques of unfaithfulness, by not to keep its promises about their purported development of south and its human being, to be honest; southerners didn’t left any stone unturned, looking for viable solutions.

The worth mentioning is that, Khartoum elites robed and looted the resources of south, even ordinary Arabs merchants in their arrival in various towns selling sugar, tea, and salt, living in smalls Ruakeeb (tinny huts), then collect all resources (building and furniture’s woods, gold, fishes and etc…), plus money to build tall stories buildings, and beautiful villas around Khartoum in Omdurman, Omdoum, leaving the indigenous of land wondering around in horrible condition of poverty.

Vividly, the old hospitals, schools and others institutions in the south without maintenance or rehabilitation for long time, especially after wars destructions.

Due to this epidemic, some parents send their children’s abroad to neighboring countries for basic education, which suppose to be at home, leaving poor kids whom their parents can not afford the school fees behind. (I stressed this concern year ago in one of my articles in SSN, Sudan tribune, and Gurtong, under the title: Doom and gloom of education in south Sudan), Leave alone the bad sanitization, and drinking water system all these; was a living proof to undeveloped south, believe me; there is no single Institute of education for teachers qualification in the whole south Sudan region,  people of south are still living in stone age, while the rest of the world’s living in 21st century, third Millennium, and in the era of computer technology and globalization.

Fellow countrymen and women, youths, veterans and patriots, and to all undecided voters worldwide.

The decision for our land to secede now is depends on you, and   failure to do it right can jeopardized the future of our beloved nation called south Sudan, its matter of life and death, its matter to choose between slavery and liberty, and second class citizenry, and to walk tall.

Therefore, I urge all (the registered candidates); go to the polling station (earlier better than later), please, cast your vote for the separation of south Sudan to be an Independent country by July 09th, 2011.

Vote for peace, stability, freedom, liberty, equality, and justice, for all. Your thump print will make a difference, no for ugly unity, yes for the attractive separation. South Sudan nation Oyee…


The author is a southerners living in Phoenix, AZ, USA, and can be reached at e-mails: [email protected], and [email protected]

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