Billion Congratulations for Secession of South Sudan

By Dr. James Okuk

January 14, 2011 (SSNA) — I would like to exploit this jubilant opportunity to say in advance Billion Congratulations to the people of Southern Sudan, both inside and in the Diaspora. Now my nerves are getting relaxed and cool that we are done with our dignity far away from the injustice of Northern Sudan elites in Khartoum and elsewhere. I have no doubt that the counted results of the polling will be over 80% in favor of secession of South Sudan when officially announced at the end of this month, January 2011.

Now after this best news we shall turn our eyes focusedly into our own internal challenges inside South Sudan itself and its current or coming government leadership. I pray that we start the declared independence in July 2011 on a right footing in order to move forward progressively and catch up with other developing countries in a most positive mood; even if it is slow let it be sure.

Nothing shall be impossible under the sun, moon and stars if we develop the attitude of good will and patriotism for safeguarding the common good of the new born country in the world map, and without condoning the individualistic spree of corruption (with all its forms), tribalism (including nepotism), incompetence, greed and lies. The international community shall continue to stand with us as they have already welcomed and accepted our right to independence from oppressions.

I am now celebrating the best news of independence of South Sudan though its freedom is not yet over because of many pending issues and problems to be resolved ahead, by God help!

Viva Republic of South Sudan.

Dr. James Okuk is reachable at [email protected]

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