Tyrant Isaias Afewerki: Enough of your envious attacks!!

By Luk Kuth Dak

May 24, 2011 (SSNA) — The Eritrea’s tyrant ruler Isaias Afewerki’s envious attacks and muddling into internal affairs of the people of South Sudan, have shifted in recent days into a whole new level. The “sweetheart darling” of the al Basher’s regime is now basking the Sudan’s Armed Forces current aggression and occupation of Abyie. He calls it a “victory”!!

It’s very evident that Isaias Afewerki’s willing and able to do the dirty work on the behalves of the National Congress Party, NCP, and the regime in Khartoum. Why? Because there’s a buck to be made, lots of it, too, for doing so.

In his latest interview with the pro government Al-Shrooq TV, Afewerki said that Eritrea had worked extremely hard for Sudan’s unity over the past two decades. He emphasized that: “breaking up Sudan’s territory into blocks, may cast shadow on the fate of the state, which has seen its share of the lack of development.” That’s as bizarre as it gets. My question is quite simply, does anyone make any sense of that statement?

I don’t!

But most pundits whom the author sought their opinions unanimously agreed that the Eritrea’s ruthless dictator is in critical political and economic conditions, and facing a crucial period of survival, that he would do anything and everything for the mighty dollar to keep his regime running –including selling his own country and ultimately its people. They also thought that there is an element of jealousy here that made South Sudan becomes the target of his resentment. It sickens him to death that in just a matter of a five- year- period of existence, the South was able to provide its people with democracy, elections and freedom of expression, which he could not deliver to his country for the past two decades and counting, which explains clearly why Eritreans are deserting their beloved country to live in exile in all countries of the world –including South Sudan.

While the South has pretty much tolerated his snide remarks, and in some instances racially motivated insults towards its people for quite sometimes, but, these new waves of insults and interference in our sovereignty need to be stopped and can no longer go unanswered. And while the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, SPLM, recognizes and acknowledges those unfortunate remarks and outbursts by Mr. Afewerki, it chose to mitigate them, for the sake of harmony with our neighbors. But that’s not what the people elected the SPLM for. Certainly, that’s not what the movement stands for or believes in. The SPLM I know, stands for justice and the protection of the people’s interests against all enemies of which Isaias Afewerki’s a leading figure.

It’s worth-mentioning that a few months ago, I became a target of a massive criticism –even by some allays, for writing an article in which I criticized Mr. Afewerki outrageous behavior and interference in our affairs. In that article, I said that there really is nothing to be gained but pain by having diplomatic relations with Eritrea under his leadership. Instead, I had called for strengthening our ties with Ethiopia with home we have so much in common. After all, the main purpose of having relations between countries – rightfully so, is to benefit from one another, and to live in harmony, dignity and mutual respect. Of course, those essential ingredients are seriously undermined by Isaias Afewerki’s relentless efforts to lay the groundwork to destroy our nation.

After the fact, it’s time to move on with our lives, and leave Isaias with his fugitive and forlorn friend named Omer Hassan Ahmed al Basher.

The author can be reached via email at: [email protected].

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