Abyei Crisis: A Different Perspective

By Daniel Abushery Daniel

June 3, 2011 (SSNA) — I’ve never been in the military before, but those who have been there and done that will be the first to admit that the most stressful and traumatic thing a soldiers doesn’t very much like is the act of " cooping" by the enemy. "Attack me, but don’t surround me". And that’s exactly what happened to the brave men of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, SPLA, when they were cowardly ambushed by the so-called Sudan Armed Forces, SAF. The radar pictures that were taken by a US satellite serve as a living proof.

Virtually, most, if not all, in the international community, ICC, have no prior experiences with the mentality and the way of thinking of the so-called "Jallaba" of Khartoum. Unfortunately, that doesn’t even exclude some people among the Southern Sudanese themselves, who do not really know the type of enemy they’re dealing with on a daily basis, especially, those who’ve never lived in South Sudan towns at the time when they were under some serious looting of anything and everything the SAFs thugs could put their hands on. More so, it’s a well known fact that since the signatory of Comprehensive Peace Agreement, CPA, the Khartoum regime has never been honest and forthcoming about any article in the agreement, ever. Of course, their ultimate goals were/are to escalate tension and lay the ground for warfare between the South and the North.

As a criminologist, I have learnt in criminal justice system, CJS, that to establish an evidence in any crime is to proof it beyond the reasonable doubt that the crime has been committed by puzzling the facts surrounding the crime. That process is known as “the elements of crime” and not just assumption. “Is not what you know, but is what you can proof”. Therefore, one cannot rule out the "Jallaba" foul play in the mysterious death of the late Dr. John Garang. Yet, there are more questions than answers, as to why the second most powerful man in Sudan was travelling in a foreign air plane, and why wasn’t he accompanied by a delegation while on an official visit to another country?

That raises my eye-brows!

In recent weeks and months, some political scientists commentators have been debating about whether or not the so-called National Congress Party, also known as NCP/NIF, is willing and able to keep it promises on the remainder of CPA’s protocols in the same manner in which they granted the general election hypothesis to be exercised in 2009 and the subsequent conduct of the referendum. But mush to their disappointment, they didn’t have to wait for far too long before the Jallaba" showed them their true colour in their resent aggression on Abyie. Hence, the Khartoum attacks on innocent civilians, aimed at dragging the SPLA into war will only increase in the coming days a weeks leading to the July 9th. Therefore, the international community, which was the sole witness of the CPA, must now step to the plate once more to protect the agreement by all legal means- including the use of force, which has proven to be the only language the elites of Khartoum really understand.

Evidently, when the elites in Khartoum realised that they have miserably failed to achieve their evil plans, they came to plan "B", which is to divide and rule policy. They began by instigating and supporting the spoiled and silver spoon’s boys to opposed SPLM and the people of South Sudan, from exercising their legitimate right for self determination, by alleging that South Sudan isn’t ready yet to be an independent State, and if it does secedes, will turns into another Somalia in the horn of Africa. And to prove what they had been saying all along, the illusion that South Sudanese cannot rule themselves, the regime has formed and supported armed militia’s to create havoc’s and chaos in the villages of the South. However, the NCP/NIF can wish all they want, but the South Sudanese people are on their way to freedom and no force under the Sun will turn them back. Therefore, al Bashers resent atrocious assault on Abyei and its innocent civilians, is indeed, the last kick of a dying horse.

Kudos goes to the SPLM, the SPLA, GOSS, and its pragmatic leaders in the characteristic of Dr. Riek Machar Dhourgon, the man of treacherous missions, to stifle their emotions and play it cool and smart, and not to fuel the flame. As the skillful negotiator he is, Dr. Machar is the right man to lead our diplomatic efforts to defuse the situation peacefully and diplomatically.

But if the "Jallaba" insist on the military confrontations, let them wait a little longer, because the recognition of South Sudan as an independent state on July 9Th, is around the corner.

I dare you my friends, “Khartoum will be the battlefield”, and the luckiest one is who will laugh at last.

The author is a citizen of South Sudan nation, can he be reached at [email protected]  

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