Bul Community Leadership in Diaspora call for Bul Society Solidarity from now onward

Dear Fellow Citizens of Bul community members Worldwide:

July 18, 2011 (SSNA) — Your community (Bul Community) in Diaspora (United States of America, Europe, Canada, and Australia) would like to congratulate you with the rest of citizens of the Republic of South Sudan for their willful act of demanding their right of first class citizenship status and for making our beautiful land becomes a noticeable spot on earth map. We salute you all in the name of liberty and justice cemented by the precious blood of 2.5 million fallen comrades who did not make it to this day but they did not die in vain. Their ultimate sacrifice will always be a bitter pause in our history and we are grateful for them. And with them perishing in hope that we might freely live in dignity as a nation, they will always live in our hearts and memories for generations to come. Your contribution during the Anya I, II and SPLA/SPLM will not go unrecognized, because of your contributions and unwavering braveness, we are free at last.

As per developments, Bul community in the Diaspora is looking forward to help build our nation at national and local levels. Our county is a part of this endeavor of nation building and by the virtue of being the largest county in the new country with a capacity and potential to become four counties of its own, falling behind as it is now in terms of development and rampant insecurity, human rights abuses at will, a strategic focus has to be called to task, else our new nation is prepared to deal with adverse spillover as a result.

We hope that all Bul Society members in South Sudan army forces, civilians, and politicians, young, old, and all able persons must put first the interest of our people and the country we love. And as respectful citizens and residents of Mayom County, you have to realize the effects of political reality and come to term with the fact that your county had been run as colony per the entire length of the interim period till this moment. With that in mind, you need to challenge your active conscience with critical questions in order to bring to life new strategic focus.

Why in six year time, Mayom County has had five Commissioners who have been appointed and removed at the blink of an eye against your will? Have you ever pause and asked yourselves as to why your commissioners come and go at the isolated will of Unity State governor without you being educated per the reasons of their removal? Have ever asked yourselves whether Mayom County is an isolated colony in Nuerland or is the entire Nuerland just a rich colony under the watchful eyes of the masters if any? Have you ever demanded what charges had been labeled against those poor commissioners leading to their removal? Dear fellow citizens, your disunity has become the passivity to act wisely at all levels, national, military and local and has earned you the ugliest status of being the vicious beggars in Unity State and beyond; a status unknown and nonexistence in the pure minds of our fathers, and above all you have become the least respected people. Look, what is left? Your men of wisdom, the elected traditional Bul chiefs have too been removed by Governor Taban and replaced with inexperienced military men who are his loyalists at the expense of your heritage. Look, when wisdom and will to power is evaporated, a community of free men as Nuer community in which Bul community is a member of can be turned into a community of beasts whose members lost a sense of love, belonging, and protection toward each other but cannibals in political realm. Gentlemen of Bul Society as well as Nuer Community at large in active leadership role, in both states and national levels, in uniforms and none-uniforms; we thought that the posts that you are holding right now, they are the posts that you should serve and protects our community with at large. We never thought that you should use your posts to sell out our community to secure them from your masters.

Let’s challenge your memories with a recent fact. When Abyei was attacked and taken by the north Sudan arm forces, a brave son of Abyei land Dr. Luka Biong willfully resigned from his prestigious post as a minister in the government of national unity in protest on behave of his people. But when innocent civilians who happened to be members of Nuer society were deliberately massacred by South Sudan arm forces the SPLA and buried in mass grave as was the case of Fangak County and Kaldak early this year, there was no a single Nuer politician or military official made a public statement against such inhumane acts leave alone resignation. When 200 innocent civilians were deliberately killed in cool blood and more than 7800 homes were burned in Mayom County last three months by the South Sudan arm forces the SPLA, only the powerless commissioner of Mayom County dared to protest that inhumane acts by telling the simple truth to the world, and for that, his life now is in a great risk at the hands of Nuers politicians and military commanders. To all Nuer and those of Mayom County, so, why?

To refresh your memories, here are the names of Bul (Mayom County) commissioners that have been removed or rotated by Governor Taban from 2005 to present with some of them served for only a year or less.

1. Martin Mashod Deng Shoap
2. Kong Kong Bol Rim
3. John Madeng Gatduel
4. Charles Machieng Kuol
5. Martin Mashod Deng Shoap – Again

Bul (Mayom County) Chiefs that have been removed and replaced by Governor Taban with inexperienced military officers; the below mentioned chiefs were democratically elected by their own constituencies but were removed without known reasons or explanation to their constituencies of any wrongdoing:

1. Chief Patai Tut Nyal
2. Chief Madut Gatluak Karani
3. Chief Wenyang Puoy
4. Chief Malith Guol Nor
5. Chief Gatduel Wour Jal
6. Chief Gahgah Thiey Wour
7. Chief Nyang Both Luny
8. Chief John Char Joak
9. Chief Maliny Char Luak
10. Chief Wudok Belieu

To all peace loving citizens of South Sudan in general and to members of Nuer Society in particular that it will be you who can breed rustles leaders and install corrupt institutions in our new nation if you opt to treat those in government from the president to commissioners as an operational mechanism to shell and further tribal or ethnic injustices just by your passivity. And conversely, it will be you who can bring to life a check and balance in our government for the purpose of creating a just and fair system where right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness become the mission and the philosophy of our nation. Whatever the consequences may be for our quest for justice and fairness, the Bul Community in the Diaspora will stand by the truth and we will pursue justice for our people and bring to justice those who committed rustles acts.

Signed By:

Bul Community Leadership in the following countries
United States of America

If anyone of you has a question about this wakeup call message, please contact us at: [email protected] or visit us on www.bulcommunity.com

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