Congratulatory Message to the People of South Sudan

Press Release
Date: 14/07/2011

July 20, 2011 (SSNA) — Liech Nuer Community Association of Australia Inc (LNCAA) would like to congratulate the people of South Sudan at home and abroad for choosing freedom during the referendum VOTE which led to the birth of the world newest nation (Republic of South Sudan). This is a clear message sent by people of Southern Sudan from all walks of life that our freedom will always prevail and it certainly did as indicated by the declaration of independence from Sudan on 9 July 2011. This was an historic day and we thank God almighty for keeping us alive to witness it.

As we celebrate this important day in our country’s history, let’s all remember the blood of our brothers and sisters who sacrifice their lives to deliver us this freedom in a golden plate as stated by our late leader Dr. John Garang. May our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and friends every single day as we enjoy the fruits of freedom in our new country.

LNCAA urges all people of South Sudan to unite behind the current Leadership and work together to develop this young nation, we call upon the leadership of South Sudan to create an inclusive and transparent government which will focus on delivering services (Health Care, Education, Infrastructure) to the people of South Sudan who have suffered for over 50 years. We encourage the government to seek peaceful means to solve outstanding issues on CPA with the government of North Sudan.

We commended his Excellency President Salva Kiir Mayardit on his independent day speech for offering further amnesty to the rebels; this signifies a new road map for our country and we urge those taking arms to come to the negotiation table so that we can have a fresh start for our country. LNCAA would encourage the President of South Sudan to focus on the national reconciliation agenda as it will bring feuding tribes and communities together around the country.

For the past 6 years, the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) has enjoyed a considerable autonomy, with an elected Assembly, Government and a functioning judicial system and for us to strengthen on that grip we need to further stabilize the government with a diversified economy. Currently our country depends on oil as the only major income generator and now that we have a separate state, we need to invest on other sectors mainly primary industries (livestock, agriculture, fisheries) and explore other natural resources in South Sudan so that we can create a viable state.

LNCCA fully supports the current leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his team to lead our country forward in this crucial time. We urge the leadership of South Sudan to be mindful of what the people of South Sudan fought for (justice, fairness and liberty) as it works toward the formation of a new government. We call upon people of God from various faiths across the country to pray for peace, unity and forgiveness so that we can live in harmony in South Sudan.

Long live the people of Republic of South Sudan.

By: Liech Nuer Community Association of Australia Inc (LNCAA)
Gatwang Buom Manguat
Chairperson of Liech Nuer Community Association of Australia Inc
Melbourne, Australia
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