SPLM-DC in USA Condemns the Arrest, Harassment, and Torture of its Members

Sudan people’s Liberation Movement for Democratic Change SPLM-DC
Executive Office U.S.A.
For Immediate release
July 20, 2011

July 21, 2011 (Washington D.C.) — Statement of SPLM-DC Executive Members in the USA on the beating of both Hon. Onyoti Adingo Nyikwec, the leader of the official opposition party in SSLA and the SPLM-DC deputy chairman Mr.Thomas Thoan Teny on July 8, 2011.

On Friday July 15, 2011 Mr. Isaac Akotwas arrested at Juba airport around 11am. He was traveling from Khartoum to Juba and then to Rumbek. He was taken to unknown location by the security operators under SPLM directives.

In similar but separate development, the SPLM-DC representatives of Manyo and Fashoda counties were arrested and tortured by the SPLM’s security agents.

We are concerned that SPLM may attempt to target South Sudanese political leaders for intimidation propose and endanger their lives. It is the best interest of the Republic of South Sudan to embrace of difference and similarities for our common good and credibility as a new nation.

We condemn the acts of beating of the SSLA members and arrest of Mr. Isaac in the strongest terms possible and ask the SPLM leadership to redirect vision of multiparty system in the Republic of South Sudan and respect the dignity of our freedom.

This comes on a time when we are enthusiastically and overwhelming celebrating the independence of the Republic of South Sudan, remembering and paying tribute to over 2.5 million lives lost and pledging allegiance under one flag. The SPLM’s intention to tear the unity of South Sudanese monopolizes the system and dictatorship, poses significant setback for the democratic transformation and   willing aspiration South Sudanese to forge a united identity of South Sudanese rather than our tribes and diversity.

The beating of Honorable Onyoti, deputy chairman, arrest of Mr. Isaac and rumors to arrest opposition political leaders by the SPLM’s security sends pain, agony, tears, and injustices, intimidation, oppression, undemocratic and uncivilized atmosphere practices at the face of the South Sudanese and the international community. This news speaks volumes about the credibility of the SPLM to govern South Sudan under democratic rule.

The historic sacrifices of South Sudanese continue to be at risk and under attack by the SPLM that sends alarming signal that liberation is incomplete. We can only imagine, as we are still cherishing and celebrating the new born nation, The Republic of South Sudan, the people of Southern Sudan and the international community are wondering and asking millions of questions about the SPLM’s inability to transform to fully democratic government and embrace multiparty system. The SPLM’s actions and motives of storming SPLM-DC’s Headquarters in Juba and beating of leading opposition leaders, just a day before the South Sudan Independence has raised red flag on the future of democratic survival in ROSS.

The struggle of the people of South Sudan for over fifty five years in which every household lost their loved ones and shaded blood should not be undermined by the SPLM’s selfish empty ambitions to lunch premeditated attack on the opposition party. The SPLM should listen and recognize the greater speeches from thousands of world leaders about the importance of this new nation ROSS; it is a litmus test that needs to be examined to match our co-existence.

As our nation takes face-to-face and step-by-step approach to restore dignity, heals wounds, pays tribute to the fallen heroes, and celebrates significant historic sacrifices and achievements, recognizes our diversities differences and similarities. The SPLM looks at the South Sudan opposition political parties as their enemies that can take charge of the government and not as partners that can take the youngest nation forward together. As such, the SPLM’s quest for power hungry, resorts to maintain power by beating opposition leadership, cause fear, panic in order to demoralize party members. One thing that that the SPLM has forgotten is that its bully attitude unites and makes all the opposition political parties stronger than ever before.

We would like to call upon the South Sudanese from all walks of life to join SPLM-DC, the people’s party, where ever they are to democratically challenge the SPLM to recognize our freedom of expression and rights to choose our way of life.

We would like to call upon the Obama administration, the U.S. Congress, Department of state, the UN and the international community to condemn the actions of the SPLM against opposition parties. Democracy, equality, unity of South Sudanese must prevail.

SPLM-DC Executive Office in the United States

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