Peter Abdulrahman Sule, From Advocacy to Rebellion: President Kiir’s clean heart is bringing us close to fail

By Aken Ngor Tong

November 9, 2011 (SSNA) — The ascending of President Kiir to the SPLM top post– and the subsequent taking over the leadership of the then GOSS and RSS for that matter, has witnessed instability despite his heart of compassion which others have taken for granted.

I was privileged to know Salva Kiir before peace accord of 2005 got inked. Sitting in his home and a cave in any standard for the person of his caliber in Yei South Sudan in 2000s, one can’t imagine whether he was Salva Kiir, the vice Chairman they knew of. Get me clear; he was not radical in placing himself at any corner he could simply be identified with people of his gentry. With heart full of compassion, he silenced numerous attempts to effect regime change from within though having all it takes to have easy leverage without any arduous required. 

In 2005 after the untimely death of Our Leader John Garang, Kiir assumed a challenge to head the two governments, the government of Sudan where he was the First Vice President and GOSS where he became its President as per the Interim Constitution of Sudan and of the South stipulated.

At the start, he demonstrated what it means to reconcile with one’s foes. This is evidenced with the massive absorption of militias Khartoum bred and used against the people of south Sudan for its proxy Islamic policies. Though others continued to making attenuate of him—But this rare gem and compassionate heart is a beginning of our Country’s downfall. Follow below!

Kiir’s reconciliation mechanisms:

In 2005, President Kiir made unthinkable gesture to bringing back those who have been visiting South Sudan on military mission to invade their birth places. Though many politicians and Generals in the SPLM/A opposed his move to reconcile with Khartoum paramilitary forces and reintegrate them into our National Army, South Sudan Army–the SPLA, Kiir said, No!

The forces which got integrated were South Sudan Defense Forces-SSDF under Paulino Matip Nhial who had capitulated to join SPLA without preconditions under peace deal, the Equatoria Defense forces under Clement Wani Konga, the Murlei forces under Ismail Konyi, Abdulbagi Ayii Akol’s forces, Fangak Forces under Gabriel Tang Kinyang who has been maneuvered recently around Fangak in his known tactics for sabotaging Peace in South Sudan, Tom Al-Nour’s Peace Defense Forces-PDF independent from Matip’s SSDF group and of Ismail Konyi’s, from Western Bahr El Ghazal were also integrated into the SPLA under the auspices of President Kiir.

Those groups claimed the resentment over Garang’s divisive policies and tactics that had kept them away from fighting for the cause of south Sudan; believe it for peace’s sake!!

The other political groups who might not have allied with any militancy against the south or might have had, mushroomed into the south, all of them have been protected despite the lacking of laws after the peace ended in 2005.

One of them was UDF under Peter Abdurrahman Sule. I will tell you about this Peter and his UDF shortly. Like before, some SPLM Generals where not happy about this move President has taken to bringing everyone including those anti-south Sudanese freedom and those who have been sucking blood of south Sudanese for years, still President Kiir Said NO!

With 6months old in Juba after marking an end to CPA and prior to joining the Government of National Unity, many political scholars and advisers ascended into Juba to help advised president Kiir to put creation of many political parties to a halt, president Kiir said No! He continued transitioning the leadership full with few angels and many devils.

As the saying goes that “once a traitor remains a traitor till his/her last days on the world”, we have seen divergent policies emerging in the government of Southern Sudan-GOSS then. The occasion of SPLM’s 2nd National Convention can attest this epitomic facet. The leaders in the region mushroomed to Juba to register and share their experiences with the youngest nation to be born and cautioned President Kiir to be tough in leading his country since number of thugs in government have aimless ambition for the top post In GOSS, president Kiir said No! And continued playing it smart aiming to sail us safe to the other side of the shore. Now we are done with our spiritual and painful journey and settle in the Promised Land, let’s leave power madness aside.

UDF and Peter Abdurrahman Sule:

As south Sudanese might have known Abdurrahman Sule, he is one of those outspoken south Sudanese politicians in recent past. I was privileged to meeting Peter Sule in 2009 when he was Minister of Rural Cooperation in Government of Southern Sudan-GOSS. Interested by the current affairs of our country, I managed to meet him to solicit vital information about his political stand in our Nation, RSS for that matter. The charismatic Peter gave motivating lecture about his position as an opposition leader and the prospect for peace in an environment where politics is perceived a gimmick.

As I asked him the alleged bribe his party got from NCP, an accusation which had nearly brought south Sudan Parties into loggerhead with the ruling Party-the SPLM, he said, in his own words “those accusing us are illiterate in politics” adding that he had defeated his opponent in 2000’s election in Juba who was an NCP candidate for Parliamentary position.

“If am cheap to be bought, they should have bought me since 1998 when our party seen massive boost, I will not accept or do anything which is destructive to South Sudan whatsoever” he added.

To summarize my impression about Peter, he is a credible Opposition Leader our country needs, a man of the people, a demagogue. The delude side of him is another thing of demur.

Not long after reshuffling the government, my beloved Peter Abdurrahman lost his nationalism and his cabinet post altogether. I did not believe Peter being recorded by BBC denouncing the government he was part of– in a more effrontery way as a tribal one just because he wasn’t in the cabinet.

By coincident, I drive around Numir Talata in Juba recently where I saw beautiful house with a sign board which bore his names and profession. I regained my love I lost from him. What came to mind was trite and clumsy–Peter is a nationalist, being a Minister is not the only way to serve the country.

Five days ago, we learnt that Peter Abdurrahman Sule has not only defected from the Public service post but Formed Rebel Movement to fight the war known for himself. One could be puzzled as to what South Sudan will become since everyone wants to fight his way into leadership through the rifle/bullets than by ballots. Brother Peter thought it cheap to forming Rebel Movement without even acquiring basic military training to at least fight the liberation war for us as he claimed. 

Getting someone with our National Army’s uniform in the jungles which we owe our respect is disheartening. Peter spent most of his age under ever repressive regimes in Khartoum and had never dared going against its policies at any point in time. Now he is in the forefront to denounce abuses and unfairness he claims to have never seen and witness. What else did he want if he was made Minister for the first time though he did not have that dream of becoming?

Does Brother Peter know the word patience? It could have been pretty good for my brother Peter to point his first bullet to our enemies in the North than to his own prospective electorates.

South Sudan should be proud to have a president who grooms every evil and few angels who would come, invade our country and goes against it in the broad day light for their own interests. Peter Sule couldn’t pour more salt to our wounds again. It’s ludicrous for Peter to shoot his first bullet to his own people. He shouldn’t contribute manufacturing all the evils against our people in the south since 1970s, welcomed home in 2005, made a Minister in 2008 and goes against the government which made him fit in any political environment he never thought of.

Mr. President, most of us did not spend our young age in any good environment or in roof classroom, or what have you for the cause of this country. We knew one enemy in picture not be stabbed again by those who have done our country horrible things, forgave them, and gave them power and political space to exercise their treacherous politics against our loving citizens who suffered for many years under their hands in this country. The law must take its course in the case of Abdurrahman Sule Mohammed Ahmed, we are tied of traitors in and out of this government, and all the traitors must be treated as such.

SPLM-DC and Dr. Lam Akol:

Much as I love advocating for individual rights, I would love to see any political party operates in a peaceful environment where my right and the rights of other brothers and sisters is/are not infringed. Do SPLM-DC and Lamp Akol know this? Wait, am coming with it home!

I always concur with Many People who believe that Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin has inalienable right to form a political Party, a right to hold political Views different from others –and has a legitimate right to associate with others and God given right to lead and be led.

These make us respect his views, decisions however treacherous they may be. As to whether his decision carries substance or not will be judged by the masses of South Sudan in the next election drive. (The first judgment got done in 2010).

Let’s create difference between Lam Akol and SPLM-DC– Sudan People’s Liberation Movement for Democratic Change.

SPLM-DC, has a political Party, in one hand, it has all inalienable rights to operate in South Sudan if it deems fit. While in another, Dr. Lam Akol in his capacity as one of our prodigal sons– is entitled to speak his mind, preaches his thoughts, implements his policies in harassment-free political environment with condition that he shouldn’t subject this country into the past business of betrayal –since he has been committing to the latter in the entire period of liberation struggle until independence.

According to SPLM-DC members who resigned in 2010, they have accused Lam Akol, their former boss, linking him with delinquency activities. This accusation sounded eccentrically disgusting and carries strict punishment not less than death penalty or life imprisonment if proven guilty. But hasn’t he?

This strong accusation issued by Party’s second most powerful Man Charles Kisanga along with his thousands patriotic south Sudanese lodged in their outrage dissatisfaction to their boss’s betrayal against his own people—the people of South Sudan through eerie rebel support in the jungles of Upper Nile State.

Other accusations where personal and materialistic (Gurush in Arabic) for that matter, the latter needs Anti-corruption Commissioner to investigate because it doesn’t concern the intention of this article. These high profile members were the first to head the ever known SPLM-DC’s disintegration Process in the history of Lam’s life in Politics of expedience.

The Other group in 2011also felt out with SPLM-DC’s top leadership and honorably deserted it at the broad day light. Headed by the Party’s Secretary General Hon. Sandra Bona Malual (sounds similar to that known bad fish Khartoum used against any creature in the south though) citing the same prevalent allegations of Militias supported by her boss around Greater Upper Nile besides financial fraudulences (the king might be corrupt, why money and rebel support were the common factor in those accusations?)

SPLM too in the name of Pagan Amum smoked this proof of Lam Akol supporting rebels meant to destabilize South Sudan.

He was the same man who nearly sabotaged our Referendum milestone. He told the world that separating South Sudan from Arab’s dominated government in Khartoum is like a suicide. Well, he is now in Juba to mourn the death of suicide killers (those who voted for Separation).

Do I need to be a lawyer to know Lam’s treacherous and murderous stance in our country against the very people he claims to represent? The humble answer is with you–the loving man/ woman of South Sudan.

Lam Akol’s Political Slut and his 7th Times Divorce:

Uncle Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin is one of the restless normal folks in our contemporary history. He has Golden Rule which’s strict and funny. As per the party he serves, he switches sides at the interval of 4years since he joined politics in 1985 under the banner of SPLM combined with its military wing the SPLA. Prior to joining the SPLM/A, he brought with him fatal mistakes which had tarnished his good reputation as an elder; pundit -highly educated south Sudanese Son and a father.

His retrospective mistakes are the hysteric trashing of the whole Liberation period into that of a political slut in quite a sly way. Lam Akol since inception, had been the master of disorganization. He has been playing with Alphabets in the name of Parties. Since day one of his political career he was:

1—Senior Member of SPLM/A. A party he joined soon after his classroom lectures ended. He spent 4years in SPLM/A in his first period of joining.

2—He broke away from SPLM/A with his co to forming SPM/A-Nasir in a rebellion of 1991. After another 4years under the chairmanship of kuormedit –Dr. Riek Machar and Gordon Kong Chuol in an effort to oust Dr. John Garang wat Mabior.

3—He felt out with Riek Machar in 1995 after just 4 years to become chairman of SPLM/A –United. A party where he was everything in it from Chairman to vice while the junior posts got occupied by his kinsmen and shamelessly, calling it a united one. So you can join him in calling it a united branch as you want if that warrants it.

4—After another 4years, he deserted it to join NCP/NIF-National Congress Party/National Islamic Party of Bashir in 1997.

5—He again broke with NCP/NIF after another 4years to forming Justice Party-NP.

6—He left NCP/NIF party after another 4years to rejoining SPLM/A in 2003, after many years in hibernation and treason.

7—In 2008– after another 4years of remarriage with SPLM, before he re-defected to forming SPLM-DC, while during his tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs, he was alleged to have strongly leaned towards the policies of NCP, this has resulted to his removal. Automatically, he was an NCP by Proxy. This adds to the list totaling the parties he served to 8 in just 24 years in political life. I bet, he will go even further.

Essentially, Lam Akol has vast vested interests that are/were pretty unscrupulous about defending himself on the spurious ground of defending the public interests. A real political engineer if you may call.

Welcome to Juba Uncle Lam Akol:

Lam Akol, upon arrival to Juba, the man carrying the spate of South Sudan, our gallant Parliamentarians raised the motion to summon him into the House. A humble call which the leadership in Juba buried and wishing it resurrects no more.

Now, my question is, did Lam Akol been covered in the Amnesty issued by the President?

Because, if he was covered in this amnesty deal like those under this Presidential pardon who are/were renegades of which Lam falls under this generation, then we have the solemn respect to forgive him and forget his past mistakes including those he committed before I was born against my grandfathers across the South.

Now, SPLM could not stand in the path of Human rights and rule of law by protecting their former colleague and an invisible SPLM member Dr. Lam Akol in the name of presidential Pardon and forgiveness.

South Sudan needs Lam Akol to apologize to the nation not in any deceased’s house any more, but it should be done in the church or mosque this time round.

The citizens of South Sudan his militias massacred in many incidents in Upper Nile region according to his former members and SPLM secretary could have not died if Lam has not funded and indirectly commanding his militias that he has not even brought with him for reintegration –to annihilate the masses he presumes to represent.

He must be made to indemnify for any penny he inoperably damaged in this country rendering the great State of Upper Nile an inclement atmosphere for children to study with fear of rebel attack.

The person who claims to lead such has him shouldn’t have shot rocket grenades into the houses of those sleeping children and pregnant mothers who would have delivered the next generation of electorates be let go unpunished in the eyes of Justice.

We do not need the repeat of 1991 or 2011 massacres. Lam must be held accountable this time. We are not against SPLM-Democratic Change or Dinka Change; we need a credible political party to keep SPLM busy and less corrupt. But we will not do it at the expense of our dead ones killed by the known murderer. Lam must face punishment or egress to apologize to the relatives of the deceased.

Failure to do that, his political ambition will be history, for there is no patriotic south Sudanese who will risk his/her vote for another Bashir in South Sudan. Apology in the house of God is the only way to go. Those close to Lam Akol should tell him the sinful folks in the government of South Sudan began apologizing for their own political survival. So, do it or leave it.

Good luck comrade Dr. Lam Ajawin, the people of South Sudan and history will judge the two Parties, the SPLM and SPLM-DC

1991’s Political Madness:

I always laugh when I see other folks reframing the history of South Sudan in their deride minds to suit their godfathers’ credibility in our history. The incident of 1991 was a treacherous move and should be treated and pronounced as such.

Unless we are creating our own English language for south Sudan, the word Self-determination shouldn’t be confused with 1991’s political wrangling and wicked ambitions. Is it logical to say that the 1991’s incident helped direct the political compass as others are prone saying? I thought we are mature to speak objectively not just silly claims which do not conform to anything worth history.

If the 1991 sought for self –determination or independence for that matter, then could that scenario of joining the government in Khartoum with huge man power at a time SAF has been cornered in many parts of the South by the gallant SPLA did surface? Is there any political mathematics that a separatist becomes a unionist in-order to resurrect his separation’s agendum? This is really sluggish in the setting and I warn those making such ubiquitous pronouncement to refrain from recreating history on the rightful ground.

To the other group, all of us remember Dr. Garang’s famous statement that his first bullet was fired against the separatists in South Sudan. The lyric of that Struggle still lingers in the minds of Many SPLM/A members to date. This is because many ardent unionists, who now purport to be separatists—must have come to the realization that they fought and killed their own South Sudanese who were struggling for the genuine cause.   Am sure they might be embarrassed to have sung and danced the lyric they did not know its tune leave alone its message it was meant to convey.

I have also seen people proclaiming and preaching the power transfer within the SPLM’s leadership hierarchy. Let them know that south Sudan is not for sell. The world had denounced the partnership between the wicked and the generous as is emphasized in the Bible leave alone those eunuch folks.

We will not succumb to inviting devils to lead us in this country. Those preaching power transfer are not only violating our constitution and defiling our history, but they are also inviting devil onto the table of generous. They cannot remain indifferent from evil if they are to continue whitewashing the known illusion that 1991 brought to the people of South Sudan. The master-minders couldn’t be anything better than those who opposed their known turpitude intentions though unctuously serving at present; we will be prosperous without political adulterators amidst us.

Our constitution should be fully implemented to deal with those gambling with our lives. Otherwise, having president who is bishop in his own mind is a blessing to those traitors who should have been prisoners had it not been the current President.

Aken Ngor Tong (Aka Aken Pankon) is a south Sudanese residing in North Sudan; he edits blog at he can be reached at [email protected]

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