Two Rebel Groups Merged; Vow to Liberate Malakal Town From Kiir’s Regime

Joint Command of SSLA and SSDA
Upper Nile State, South Sudan
November, 17, 2011

November 17, 2011 (SSNA) — After a successful liberation of Pigi County by the gallant forces of South Sudan Democratic Movement/Army (SSDM/A) on November, 16, 2011, the military High Command of both the SSLA and SSDA agreed to work together to liberate Malakal town from Salva Kiir’s regime. Within two weeks time, the Joint Task Force of SSLA and SSDA will launch operation Saving South Sudan to liberate Malakal town. The Joint Task Force wants to give sufficient time to civilians in Malakal to start moving out because it is a big city with over three hundred thousand population.The SSLA and SSDA will also go further to send emissaries to Malakal to inform the civilians in the town to leave within two weeks. In the past, clashes between the SPLA and other armed groups in Malakal killed civilians unnecessarily.

The Joint Command of SSLA and SSDA does not want civilian casualties and would take important steps to inform the public to be aware of an impending attack to liberate the town from the regime of Salva Kiir. Because most of the people in the town do not have access to the media, the Joint Task Force of SSLA and SSDA will send emissaries to the town who will inform the civilians. We have already started contacting chiefs in Upper Nile State to be aware of an impending attack so that they inform their subjects ahead of time.

The SSLA and SSDA’s revolutionary forces congratulate the SPLA forces who joined the freedom fighters to liberate South Sudan from Salva Kiir. The revolutionary forces are fighting to liberate the oppressed people of South Sudan, particularly the SPLA soldiers who are neglected by corrupt regime of Salva Kiir. The first priority of this liberation is to restore the dignity of SPLA soldiers who are treated as third class citizens in South Sudan. Salva Kiir’s regime reduced the SPLA soldiers to robots that could be used to protect corruption of a small clique in Juba. But the SPLA army has realized that the only way to change their living standard is to remove the corrupt regime in Juba through the barrel of AK-47.

It is the priority of revolutionary forces that each SPLA soldier will receive a decent salary and allowances as soon as the country is liberated from Salva Kiir and his clan. The $4.5 billion dollars which was looted between 2005 and 2011 will be brought back to South Sudan and be given to SPLA soldiers who have not been paid since 2005. Raising the living standard of the SPLA soldiers is one of the plans of the revolutionary forces once the regime in Juba is toppled.

We want the oppressed people of South Sudan to know that as soon as the regime of Salva Kiir is toppled, each household will get its share of oil money. It is our position that once Salva Kiir is removed, our government will give each household across the ten states of South Sudan a share of oil money. We will ensure that the oil money is accessible to each and every citizen of South Sudan. Under Salva Kiir regime, the oil money is controlled by Awan clan where he originated from. As soon as the current regime is toppled, each Southern Sudanese will get monthly payment from the government as the way to redistribute oil money.

For contact:
Information Department
SSLM/A and SSDM/A Joint Command
Upper Nile, South Sudan
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