New Rebel Group Launches in South Sudan, Accuses the Government of Corruption and Marginalization

South Sudan People Liberation Movement and South Sudan People Liberation Army (SSPLM/SSPLA)
Programs of Action
Renk, Republic of South Sudan
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1. Introduction 03                                                            
2. Objectives of SSPLM/SSPLA   03
3. Strategy to achieve liberation struggle 04
4. Political structure (NLC) 05
5. Military structure (MRC) 06
6. Confederation system in Sudan 07
7. Conclusion 07


December 28, 2011 (SSNA) — South Sudan People Liberation Movement and South Sudan People Liberation Army (SSPLM/SSPLA), emerged as a result, of marginalization of all the South Sudan political parties and civil society, failure to adopt a viable political road map which can galvanize and reward the Southern people for their victorious achievement of a just peace, the rampant corruption perpetrated by the SPLM-led government in Juba, neglect of the families of the martyrs in the war of liberation and the rigging of the people’s vote by the SPLM/A in the last elections and the SPLM/SPLA failures to delivered basic services to the citizens of the South. Also, the embezzlements of public funds by the clique in the government have encouraged us to take up arms.

The SSPLA/SSPLM is fighting to establish United Sudan base on confederal system whereby the central government is base in Khartoum and represented by all two Sudan states. South Sudanese are fate up with the corrupt government of Salva Kiir Mayardit and therefore, all citizens of south Sudan are eager to see the Juba government been topple as soon as possible.

Objectives of the SSPLA/SSPLM.
1. To topple the corrupt government of Salva Kiir Mayardit
2. To establishment United Sudan base on confederal system in two Sudan’s
3. To coordinate all the rebels fighting Salva government to form alliance
4. To mobilizes all deserters and demobilizes soldiers
5. To extend the war to Equatoria and close down all the roads
6. To open up several training centers
7. To make aggressive mobilizations in order to reach 30,000 soldiers with in a three months.
Strategy of the movement (SSPLM/SSPLA)
A general strategy to transform a movement into a genuine liberation movement. It consists of the following highlights.
1. Establishment of a South Sudan People Liberation Movement (SSPLM) and South Sudan People Liberation Army (SSPLA) to wage a protracted armed struggle.
2. To engage the enemy through guerrilla harassments in semi-conventional engagements in order to maintain the momentum of war.
3. The SSPLA must regroup the scattered fighting forces in South Sudan.
4. Establishment of effective propaganda machinery to involve as many as possible.
5. In order to be able to regroup and politicize the forces effectively, the SSPLA shall need to establish its own camps, in the following areas.
1: Meram. 2: Renk. 3: Maban
6. Establishment of political office in all countries to pursue external contacts for    military and other assistances. Such offices will, of course be under the supervision of the SSPLM Headquarters.
7. Transformation of the fighting units in the field into organic units of the SSPLA.
8. Politicization and militarization of the peasantry
9. Contacting other political parties in South Sudan with view of forming a United Front.
10. To seek and obtain intellectual, moral, military and other material assistance from any country or international organization that is sympathetic to the aims and objectives of the SSPLA/SSPLM.

Political Structure

National Liberation Council (NLC)
1. Chairman and commander in chief.
2. Deputy Chairman and commander in Chief.
3. Secretary general of the Movement
4. Secretary for defence
5. Secretary for security Affairs
6. Secretary for political affairs
7. Secretary for information and culture
8. Secretary for foreign relations
9. Secretary for finance
10. Secretary for Finance
11. Secretary for religious affairs.

Military Structure

Military revolutionary Council (MRC).
1. Chairman and commander in chief
2. Deputy Chairman and commander in chief
3. Secretary for Defence
4. Secretary for security Affairs and information gathering
5. Commander of Unity state
6. Commander of Jonglei State
7. Commander of Central Equatoria state
8. Commander of western Equatoria state
9. Commander of Eastern equatoria State
10. Commander Lakes state
11. Commander of Warrap State
12. Commander Western Bhar el Ghazal States
13. Commander of Upper Nile state
14. Commander of Northern Bhar el Ghazal state.

Confederations system in Sudan.

South Sudanese are now regret why they have decided to vote for separation of the south Sudan which will not be viable, insecure and non productive, instead of maintaining the system of confederation,” so that Sudan will be one country which is viable and secure. In South Sudan, People felt that the current situation is worseness under the leadership of the most dangerous dictator Salva Kiir Mayardit who does not even have mercy on his own citizen of south Sudan and willing to kill any southerner who will object to his tyranny rule.

We are now fighting to establish confederal system in the Sudan where by the central government shall be in Khartoum with all cabinet and legislature in the national capital Khartoum as a symbolic of the unity of the country. To have other government in the centre will not be objected or opposed by the citizens of south Sudan because a it is the creation of the jobs for those who are yawing or eyeing for positions.


All the rebels in the republic of South Sudan needs to coordinate and work together and chose to have one central command and put all the difference soldiers of the rebel groups under the command of one rebel commander and assisted by all the defence secretaries of the various rebels in order to speed up the liberation of the whole of South Sudan sooner rather than later on.

Prepared by Major General Tong Lual Ayat
Chairman of South Sudan people Liberation Movement and commander in chief South Sudan People Liberation Army (SSPLM/SSPLA).
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