‘White Army’ Clashed With The SPLA, At Least 7 People Dead

Dear members of the media,

March 20, 2012 (SSNA) — This is to inform you that on March, 19, 2012, around 1200 SPLA forces attacked our forces at Pieri Payam of Uror County. The fighting started at 3:00pm and lasted until 5:30pm. The White Army killed 420 SPLA soldiers and captured two military trucks in good condition. Our forces completely annihilated the SPLA and captured 543 AK-47s, 3 RPGs and one PKM Rifle. The White Army lost only seven people and twenty four are wounded.

We thanked the Nuer soldiers within the SPLA who informed us ahead of time about the attack. After getting information about the coming of the SPLA forces, our leader Bor Doang ordered the White Army field commanders to ambush the SPLA soldiers. As planned, the entire SPLA battalion, with all their cars, fell in the ambush and were all annihilated. We thanked the Nuer soldiers of the SPLA for providing us with crucial information about the plans of Salva Kiir and Kuol Manyang to fight us.

The Nuer White Army contacted SSLM/A leader Maj. Gen. James Gai Yoach to send us reinforcement that would attack the SPLA from west bank of the Nile. Very soon, the SSLA forces will surprise the enemy forces from behind while the White Army is attacking from the East. Starting from today, the Nuer White Army will work together with SSLM/A to topple the corrupt regime of Salva Kiir and Kuol Manyang Juuk. The Dinka have an agenda to kill the Nuer that is why they sent forces to confront us. We are a force of 13,000 and we are ready to fight the SPLA.

Our message to Gov. Kuol Manyang Juuk is that we are coming to Bor town in few weeks. Civil war in South Sudan has begun and the Nuer White Army will wipe out the SPLA army on the face of the earth. South Sudan independence was achieved through revolution and peace will also come through the same revolution. It has become clear that the Dinka have hidden agenda to kill the Nuer and Murle.

We sent a delegation to Murle youth to forge an alliance with them to fight the SPLA. We want to tell the Murle that our collective problem is Dinka leadership. We will form an alliance with Murle White Army to remove the government of Kuol Manyang. Within few days, no car will move between Juba and Bor town because the combined forces of Nuer and Murle will burn any car travelling between the two towns. The problem of Nuer and Murle is now Dinka leadership in Bor and Juba. The Nuer and Murle have a common interest, that is, removal of Dinka government is the only solution to end cattle rustling which was introduced by Dinka. Murle and Nuer have never practiced the culture of abducting kids in the past. They were Dinka Bor of Kuol Manyang who introduced selling of kids in the market.

We want to inform the UNMIS that South Sudan will never be the same again. Both the Murle and Nuer White armies will work togetther to remove the Dinka regime. We therefore warn the UN that it is possible for genocide to take place in the coming weeks when we attack Bor town. Therefore, all Dinka civilians in Bor town must vaccate the city and go to Juba for their safety. Both Nuer and Murle will not leave any stone unturn when we capture Bor.

Our message to Murle brothers is that we should not fight among ourselves while Dinka army is coming to kill our women and children. The solution is for Murle and Nuer to unite to confront the Dinka who have an agenda against both the Nuer and Murle. From today onwards, the Nuer White Army will not fight Murle anymore. The focus is now to topple the Dinka government in Juba.

We call upon all the Nuer in the SPLA army to join us in this fight to remove Salva Kiir. There is no salvation in South Sudan besides the removal of Salva Kiir and Kuol Manyang through military uprising.

Long Live Nuer White Army!!

Down down Kuol Manyang and Salva Kiir!!

For contact:
Nuer White Army,
Pieri, Uror County
Jonglei, South Sudan
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