Nuer Youth Community in Diaspora Condemns the Killing of Civilians in Bari Community

Nuer [Youth] Community In North America Condemned The Killing Of Bari Civilians
For Immediate Release
Nuer Youth Community in USA and Canada
Date: 30/03/2012

March 30, 2012 (SSNA) — The Nuer youth in USA and Canada have condemned the indiscriminate killings of ten Bari civilians in Komeru suburb of Juba between March, 4th and 5th. After conducting an investigation of the causes of the killings, the Nuer [Youth] community concluded that the Bari civilians were deliberately targeted by members of the SPLA army because of their ethnicity. The investigation discovered that the land grabbers who defied demolition order of the State of Central Equatoria were acting under the orders of some SPLA generals who built houses in the same area that was supposed to be demolished. The SPLA army’s land grabbers ordered the Dinka and few Nuer soldiers to shoot any member of Bari community to thwart the demolition order. The rationale for killing innocent Bari civilians was to contaminate the political environment in order to make it difficult for Central Equatoria State to carry out the demolition order.

It came to our attention that bodyguards from executives participated in the killing because their houses were destined to be demolished. The Nuer community is deeply disappointed for the suffering of Bari. Relationship between the Nuer and Equatorians in general and Bari community in particular goes back to 1970s when senior Nuer politicians such as D.K. Mathews, Philip Pedak, Joshua Dei Weang, Moses Chuol Juach and Peter Gatkuoth Gwal forged a strong political and communal alliance with Equatorian brothers to safeguard South Sudan from tribal domination.

The Nuer [Youth] community in the world is deeply disturbed that few Nuer attempted to taint Nuer and Equatorian relationship by siding with oppressors and another Jalaba of South Sudan. The major priority of Nuer and Equatorians after the independence of South Sudan is to liberate new state from tribal domination and kick out all corrupt heroes before turning our beloved South Sudan into vampire state. The public has seen how one tribe dispossessed Madi Tribe of Numeli of their ancestral lands with the support of SPLA and the executive branch of South Sudan government. People have also been witnessing with their own eyes brutal and forceful land grabbing in Central Equatoria in general and Juba city in particular.

The Nuer [Youth] community worldwide wants to assure Equatorian brothers that the long-time relationship between them and our community is still strong and would be further strengthened through practical steps the Nuer community would take to reverse tribal colonialism imposed by elite minority.

The attempt of tribal domination is what we recently seen with the closure of Juba University because the security apparatus of South Sudan government sided with Dinka students against Equatorians. The Nuer community condemned the targeting of Equatorians and called upon independent investigation to look into the situation immediately!

In closing, the Nuer [Youth] community would assure the entire Equatorian community worldwide that unity between Nuer and Equatorians is the only salvation for South Sudan. We have seen how one tribe which makes up only 25% of South Sudan population is now controlling 55% of state power. The Nuer and Equatorians would never accept to be second-class citizens in their own land. It is therefore the duty of Nuer and Equatorian communities to alert the international community about tribal domination and heavily corruptions which will soon turn new state into Somalization and Rwanda style.

For questions:

Mr. Gai Bol Thong
Chairperson, Nuer Youth North America
Seattle, Washington, USA
Mr. Gordon Buay Reath
Vice, Nuer Youth North America
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Tel. (206) 307-7357
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