Rebel group says it has killed at least three senior officers of the SPLA; warns more attacks

For immediate Release
SSLA Headquarters, Mayom, South Sudan
April, 1st, 2012

April 1, 2012 (SSNA) — SSLA gallant forces attacked SPLA position on Saturday, April, 1st and inflicted a lot of casualties on the enemy. The battle took place at 4:30 am and ended at 8:00am. The SSLA forces conducted reconnaissance after the end of the battle and founded the body of Brig. Gen. Gatwech Gai Marial and other two colonels from Dinka tribe. The SSLA forces recognized Gen. Gatwec Gai because he was a colleague of SSLA operation commanders when they were part of South Sudan Defense Force (SSDF) from 1997 to 2006. Brig. Gen. Gatwec joined the SPLA after Paulino Matip signed Juba Declaration on January, 9, 2006. The names of the other two colonels killed were unknown because they didn’t have ID cards to identify them.

The SSLA operational commanders are now matching towards Bentiu town and will soon liberate it from the tribal government of Salva Kiir. Our forces captured much equipment and destroyed two tanks. One hundred and fifty enemy soldiers have been killed today. Operation Ending Corruption will liberate Unity State soon so that the liberation of Warrap and Lakes States shall commence.

The SSLA military commanders call up on the SPLA forces to join the revolutionary forces by arresting Salva Kiir and his henchmen. The SSLA is not fighting the SPLA soldiers who are victims of Kiir’s corruption. One of the reasons the SSLA is fighting tribal government of Salva Kiir is to restore the dignity of SPLA forces so that they get their salaries on time and shall get benefits such as healthcare allowances. Salva Kiir treats members of SPLA army like toys that is why most of the times the soldiers don’t receive their salaries on time. The only salvation for SPLA forces is to join the revolutionary forces by emulating the Mali’s soldiers who staged a coup and took control of the palace. The SPLA forces in Juba and Central Equatoria state should free themselves by staging a military coup to restore the dignity of the people of South Sudan.

It is a complete joke for Salva Kiir Mayardit to order state governors to recruit youth to fight the SSLA while he is the very person fighting Nuer and Murle youth in Jonglei. It is the same Salva Kiir who refused to integrate the forces of Peter Gatdet and Gabriel Tang to the SPLA who is now crying calling for public mobilization because the SSLA is capturing Unity State. The people of South Sudan will not listen to pleas of a dying horse and would rather join the revolutionary forces to liberate South Sudan from corruption. Salva Kiir should arm his four boys to go to frontline to defend his regime instead to rely on victims of his tribal government.

The SSLA congratulates the UN personnel that left Bentiu town on Friday after realizing that the town would be soon captured by our forces. We urge all NGOs to evacuate the entire Unity State immediately for their own safety. The SSLA will capture Bentiu town in coming days and there is no illusion about that unless members of NGOs want to endanger their lives. We alerted civilians in the town to leave and most of them are doing so. Therefore, the NGOs should know that the reason why citizens of Unity State are leaving the town is because SSLA will control it soon. The forces of Taban Deng Gai may attempt some resistance; however, they would not withstand SSLA forces who have high morale and enthusiasm to liberate the South from corruption.

For contact:
Information Department
SSLA Headquarters
Mayom, South Sudan
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