Ruweng Biemnom Community in Diaspora Condemns Sudan Armed Forces, Brands it a ‘Bloodthirsty Army’

Ruweng Biemnom Community in Diaspora Condemns Biemnom (Abiemnom) Air Strike by Sudan Armed Forces

April 13, 2012 (SSNA) — Ruweng Biemnom Community in Diaspora calls the government of South Sudan, the United Nations, and the International Community to protect South Sudanese civilians from Sudan air strike. We congratulate the Sudan peoples’ Liberation Army/Movement for defending South Sudanese civilians and territories. We are indebted to our martyrs and veterans for their sacrifice to bring freedom and justice to the people of South Sudan. On April 10, 2012, Sudan military aircraft bombed civilians in Abiemnom County in Unity State. The air strike targeted civilians and most victims are children and women. The Sudanes president Omar Al- Bashir has been violating the comprehensive Peace Agreement signed between North and South in 2005. However, the government of the Republic of South Sudan remained unresponsive to countless military aggressions perpetrated by the blood-thirsty SAF. South Sudan prefers peaceful resolution to outstanding issues of border demarcation, Abyei referendum and popular consultation for Southern Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains.

The Khartoum’s bombing of civilians infringes the Geneva Convention, which reveres the protection of civilians from inhumane treatment. Sudan’s continuing aggressions against South Sudan are portrayed by the recently aerial bombardment on the oil facilities and civilians in Panrieng County, and the invasion of Abyei which resulted in massive civilian casualties in 2011.Sudan must stop air strike against civilians in South Sudan. Therefore, on behave of the Ruweng people in Biemnom (Abiemnom) County of the Unity State, we the Ruweng Biemnom Community in Diaspora; applaud the government of South Sudan for its military triumph: the capturing of Heglig town from the infamous Sudan Arm Forces (SAF). We urge the government of South Sudan to maintain its military presence in the town of Heglig as well as in other border-towns, since these territories are significant to recognizing the sovereignty of the Republic of South Sudan.

The Khartoum regime under the leadership of President Al-Bashir in particular proved to Africa and the world that it is incapable of meeting the expectations of its citizenry in the North: president Al-Bashir is a wanted-war criminal. Since he ascended to throne through military coup in 1989, President Al-bashir, like his predecessors, incessantly wages war on the Sudanese citizens, who demand social, economic, and political change. As a result, the southern region of the country, through referendum with nearly 99% turnout, seceded and became an autonomous state known today as the Republic of South Sudan. The rest of the country continues to resist the regime, particularly in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, and Blue Nile. Bashir must end his aggravated attack against South Sudan, and must withdraw in South Sudan territories. For more details, see the Unity State’s (Biemnom) Abiemnom County map below to prove South Sudan’s territories which have been annexed to Northern Sudan’s Southern Kordofan:

President Al-Bashir confirms his criminal status by intervening militarily into the sovereign state of the Republic of South Sudan. Sudan air force bombed Biemnom County, injured and killed children and women. Ruweng Biemnom Community in Diaspora condemned this criminal act against our civilians in South Sudan. The UN Security Council should order President Omar Al-Bashir to withdraw their troops immediately in South Sudan territories to 1956 border.  Apparently, Al-Bashir becomes the enemy of two states, Sudan and South Sudan.

Concluding remarks, we urge the United Nations’ Security Council, IGAD and all the CPA partners to advise Sudan government to implement the following:

1. Acceptance of peaceful resolutions of border demarcation between North and South.

2. Complete withdrawal of Sudan arm forces in South Sudan’s territories of Parudeng, Karassana, Ding Thon, Rubajuch, Aniin, Thuba, Bar, Puth, Ajach, Kol lek (kellek), Abangwuot, Manajonga Payam, Tor Aliny, Ror Lou and Boak Alei and must not claim Hegilig, otherwise South Sudan would protect her boundary with the North.

1. Abyei referendum.

2. Popular consultations for the following areas:

  • Nuba Mountains
  • Southern Blue Nile

The International community should refrain from blaming the Government of South Sudan for current fighting in Hegilig because the government of South Sudan has the right to protect her citizens and territories. International community witnessed the bombing of Biemnom County which resulted in the deaths of children and women in Unity State, South Sudan.

We wish speedy recovery not only to the victims of Abiemnom air attack, but to all victims of SAF both in Sudan and South Sudan. Ruweng Biemnom Community encourages the government of South Sudan to protect its citizenry and sovereignty. SAF has led numerous military interventions in South Sudanese territories, and it is likely going to provoke more attacks in the unforeseeable future. Thus, the government of South Sudan should deploy more troops on the border areas to protect South Sudanese’s civilians.

Signed by: The Chairman of Ruweng Biemnom Community in North America, Canada and USA:

Lal Mabil Achuil, Chairman

Shangath Miaker Ador, Secretary

Biem Gook Nuan, Treasure

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