ElHag Paul is a curse

By Awumtiaidit, South Sudan

July 31, 2012 (SSNA) — For five years or so from now, ElHag Paul has been particularly critical about SPLM/A government performances. While this is normal, he on several occasions swayed off his criticism and accumulated all failures of Republic of South Sudan on Dinka. He time and again failed to differentiate ROSS and Dinka, a strategy once used by NCP just to cause tribal odium in the South Sudan. From his superficial writings he is a NCP leftover stooge. Labelling ROSS as Dinka institution is nothing but loaded with KOKORA’s intentions and principles.

His is committed to ruin the image of Dinka as a tribe, and to rally other tribes to hate Dinka. He is on to cause instability amongst Southerners.  He contemptuously went as far to coin a term Dinkocracy to discriminate and bully the Dinka the furthest.  

Check it out here:

http://www.southsudannation.co /dinkocracyisntkuirwrong%20elhagpaul%2078.htm

His reckless writing is irksome and shouldn’t be excused any further.

Unity of Southerners no matter what is very imperative; it serves no purpose to resort to tribal representative. But getting the entire community exposed to such unfounded allegation for a while, one has an irrefutable right to take his tribal duties into his hand. This is exactly what I am gona do in this piece. Call me a tribal man if you like!!

For seek of readers, I must make it clear I am not happy with SPLM government ruling. The party has disowned its prime objectives; distant itself from civilians who rejuvenated it in those dark days, and so is going to crumble down sooner or later. But to desperately apportion the whole mess on Dinka by ELHAG PAUL is nothing but a KOKORA distraction. Just to borrow his term.  

I believe ElHag Paul is part of the messy system in Juba; his blaming game is a strategy to distract us so that we can’t pay attention to the bigger picture. The corruption in the SPLM leadership. For instance, the tortured Deng Athuai Mawiir is a typical Dinka, how would he disturb the system he is feeding on if RSS another name is Dinka?

Paul, I thought you will get convinced by Kuir Garang’s facts presentation. Kuir tried his very best to bring to your attention what is happening at ROSS is not something about Dinka as you want everyone to believe. It is an independent outfit who converge to loot the nation outright. Who else couldn’t this fact?  However, your Dinka tribal hatred blinds you to see this blunt truth. Well, we have seen you. Your intention is far beyond ROSS government but only Dinka as a tribe a KOKORA is simple term. Rest assured Mister Paul, it is a war your father not won and you will never win it either.

Paul, the independence you and your like brag about come with a heavy price on Dinka. There were no complaint about land grabbing when Jallaba was in Juba, it was all theirs right to Nimule.  Hadn’t the sacrificial blood for the Dinka men you would have still been in England or serving your masters in Khartoum as I write.

People of your race refuse to acknowledge and give credit to Dinka but, we ourselves knew the history vividly and could write it in big letters. We went into war like it was ours. Many battalions were fought and won by Dinka commanders.  

And below are their names decease and the living:

Late Kuanyin Bol, late Makor Lual, late Makur Aleiyou, late Arok Thon, late Majok Mac Aluong, late Anyar Apiu, late Thon Ayii, late Ageer Gum, late Gai Garang, late George Athor, late Gew Atherkuei, late Kuol Amum, late Kon Micah Deng, late Dr Garang, late Garang Mabil, late Martin Manyiel, late Alier Mangardit, late Dim Deng, late Dr. Justin Yac and many more heroes I couldn’t remember. Remember these were officers only, fallen soldiers aren’t included.

Dinka died in large numbers as well as also occupying military and any other positions in the ROSS institutions in proportion to our size. But your KOKORA mentality makes you garbage this datum.

The living commanders are: Salva Kiir, Wal Athiu Madol, Kuol Manyang Juk, Awet Akot, Salava Mathok, Deng Kelei, Pieng Deng, Gier Chuang, Abraham Jongroor, Jok Riak, Mathok Geng, Tito Achuil, Bol Madut, Maker Thiong Maal, Deng Kuoirot (Amoc-Arab), Bior Ajang Duot, Manyang Agook, Ruben Wai, Lualdit de Diing Wuol, Mac Paul, Koul Dim, Deng Alor and many mighty Dinkas.

I tell you; more than 99% were Dinka, both officers and subordinates. Why no one hears you complaining of misrepresentation then Paul?

Personally, I have lost 13 members of my family to this war. And I read the Olympic marathon Guor Marial, lost 28 of his family members to the war plus many other Dinka families who haven’t shown up here. I didn’t hear you complaining and ask for representation?

You are telling us John Nambu’s death; do you know how many dinka men died the same way just like him? Well here they are:

1. Martin Majer Gai

2. Akuakdit de Kudum

3. Francis Ngor

4. 2nd Lt. Majok Chol Naai

5. 2nd Lt. Ateny Mayen Deng

6. Martin Makur Aleiyou,

7. Benjamin Bol Akook,

8. Bol Manguak,

9. Dr. Carlos Madut,

10. Jordan Alier Bol,

11. Lazarus Guguei Ngang,

12. Dr, Juac,

13. Hakim Gabriel Aluong,

14. Lawyer Manyuon Anyang, 

15. Majok Nyieth

The above Dinka men in the list all disappeared for no reasons other than the fear of the mysterious. Whilst this was a gorilla war, moving forward has been Dinka motto. Did you hear any one chanting as you always talked about Nambu?

You talked of being into Dinka villages but how you presented your findings revealed you are just a liar and nothing more. You have never been into any Dinka village. If you did, you wouldn’t have missed to see our payams; in them, we have permanent settings.

I had been away for 22 years but when I went home last year; my family were still where I left them in the 80s. Dinka keep cattle and that does not mean we don’t have to have perpetual location. Development is not seen in those areas let alone your illusion V8 cars you lying about in the media.

Finally, it would be very important for Southsudannation and other websites not to publish ELHag Paul writings. He is pushing the past ideology of KOKORA which was all about DINKA DOMINATION, a disguise strategy once used by Jallaba to wreak havoc amongst the tribes of South Sudan.

He is a gentleman of high calibre but wasn’t taught properly by his parent to love other tribes. Therefore he is a curse and an orphan of KOKORA to Southerners. He a threat to our national unity and his tribal writings deserve sanctions for publishment.

Awumtiadit is a concerned South Sudanese. Reach him at [email protected]

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