Juba – Murders investigation with South Sudan Justice

By Justin Maker

December 9, 2012 (SSNA) — As corruptions increases policemen – the straight-laced, the brutal, and the sleazy – investigate a series of murders with their own brand of justice. Who thought the history will repeat itself  with a different twist in the remotest part of Africa where more than 1% of the population have never seen LA confidential a 1997 trailer – movie. Enjoy Juba version:

On July 15/2012 nine police personnel were arrested in connection to the fatal shooting of a bodyguard named Daniel Mayang Anyon “Private SPLA solider” of Maj.Gen. Malek Reuben. The culprits were detained and an investigation was launched into the killing. In an internal investigation carried out by the police themselves, the police department and its prosecutor later determined that one police officer and one NCO were responsible for the murder and were detained pending trial.

The remaining 7 policemen have been released without charges, probations or any conditions. The circumstances surrounding the released of seven policemen were not shared with the victim’s family nor Maj. Gen.Malek Reuben who was the target of assassination that took place in his house.

According to police report the attackers were asking during the shoot out where is your Boss? or‘ Wenu Janabu Bi Taki “ in Arabic language which simply means the target was Gen. Malek himself. But his bodyguard paid the heavy price in the line of duty. The death of these braved young men should not be mysterious since the culprits are caught red handed.

In an ideal world this case does not matched a mere criminal case, which ended up with the death of private SPLA solider. 

The accused entering into Gen. Malek’s house is an “intrusion into a private property” a charge that must count for everyone involved. The fact that they were asking “Wenu Janabu Bi Taki” translation where is your BOSS was a clear motive that the attackers had premeditated and ill planed and hence the 7 policemen should have not been released before the trial.

Unfortunately, on Sept. 24/2012 the unthinkable happened a week after the release of 7 policemen who were accused of killing Gen. Malek’s 1st bodyguard, Gen. Malek’s house was attacked again and the and his 2nd bodyguard Private SPLA solider named “ John Maring Dhieu” was also killed in the line of duty.

The way in which this case is handled is questionable especially after the killing of the 2nd bodyguard. The murders of the second guard are unknown and the 7 policemen who were released from detention have not been summoned for questioning yet.

Gen. Malek Reuben is a successful military leader and following considerable success he is the financial director accredited of getting salaries of military on a timely manner. It is unknown what the culprit’s motivation for targeting M/Gen.Malek’s but it is believed to be jealousy, political idealism or contract killing… the death of the two bodyguards is still shrouded in mystery without justice served.

What is ideal is the formation of a joint committee between the police and General headquarter of the SPLA to look into the killing of the two bodyguards Late .Daniel  Mayang and Late John Maring Dhieu. These two brave young men and their families deserve full justice.

This is a serious national security issue and it could turn tenacious between the SPLA and police forces or bring tribal tensions between different groups. The government of South Sudan must take right steps to ensure justice to the families of deceased late Daniel Mayang and John Maring without delay.  

If the government does not put an end to this lawlessness Juba would become the murder capital of east Africa and the world soon.

The author is a businessman in Columbus, Ohio, President and CEO of Machol, LLC & Amor, Inc. He can be reached via [email protected]

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